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shortest hiatus ever whatever i need a distraction okay


If you've ever looked at one of my fics and wished it had a different pairing, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Presenting the ~"that's great, but what if it were totally different?" meme~.

Here's how it works: give me a scene/line/whatever from one of my fics and a different set of characters and I'll rewrite it to suit the new dynamic! Fun times for all.

fic list is here for the lazy among us
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final 2011 word counts omg!!!! )

2011 TOTAL PUBLISHED: ~156,355
2011 WIP TOTAL: 55,159

Jeeeeesus I wrote like three times as much I wrote last year sdlfjkfdgnofdgjifd
i failed at Nano again but I have a lot of great ideas for it and I am not giving up on getting it done I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT OK
and then of course there's traveling band au, which, no lie, is about half of that WIP word count lmao oh god why

My favorite story this year (of my own): Slow Circle, One More Month to Eternity. Slow Circle is just such a fun universe for me to play with, and I made the conscious decision not to go by anybody else's rules (I.E. it's an entirely original system and universe, lol) and that was obscenely freeing because oh my god I got to make up my own magical rules!!!. One More Month's dialogue is fantastic, fuck everyone, and I feel as though the variety of supernatural legends really works. And also Koki ok.

My best story this year: Skyship or On how not to set up your coworkers. Skyship was an entirely new venue for me, I generally don't like steampunk much and it's so heavily alternate history... And I haven't written anything like On how not to set up your coworkers since, lol, last year's RBB, so it was good to see that people liked it. :3

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Sports Fan(atic), (Oh girl you're) beautiful; the first because, lol, it's Hina/Kame WHAT IS THERE NOT TO ENJOY ABOUT THIS, and the second because come on I just wrote filthy Yukan Trio crossdressing porn what else do I have to do to set off boners here and. Yeah. lol. Funny that both of them are Eito/KAT-TUN...

Most fun story: Duty up, asshole and Extended Recess Visits Hillbilly Hell; the first because v6/tokio alien killing and badassery originally based on starship troopers, how is this not awesome, and it was so much fun to write dear lord and the second because extended recess is one of the best things ever and it was so fun to write maru into it :3

Most sexy story: Tangled Up, End to end. The first because I don't think I've ever published so much dommy shit before and kame/tegoshi gives me a huge hardon and stuff and stuff. and the second because brosex ok >_>

Story with single sexiest moment: End to end and Into the wastes. You can guess. :D

Story with single sweetest moment: Eggs, over easy, Wind through trees; the first because awwww awwwww suda/yamada is the cutest and the second because of when koichi gets old and he and tsuyoshi talk to each other and--yeah. ;A;

Most unintentionally telling story: uuuum Into the Wastes because lol kinks everywhere and Trapped because jealousy/ust boner!!!!!! ALSO VALHALLA VERSE LOL because i mean. come on. lol

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Probably Time Stops because I killed Yoko's family ughhh I am a terrible person no one love me

Most disappointing story: Off Script because I think the interaction is a+ and the actual concept is great but my execution is bleghhhhh

Hardest story to write: Through The Window hardest 1500 words I've ever written omg I sat there like HOW DO I WORDS for hours D:<

Easiest story to write: there were a couple that were way-easy to write... but most specifically Heist and Go and Ken's excellent adventure in trolling; the first because once the concept came to me I went off and wrote that shit, and the second because liv is perfect, lol

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: UM IDK MANPAIN, BONERS, DYSTOPIAS AND MAGIC probably Slow Circle though it only gets 3/4 lol
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i'm sorry i'm such a nerd but these are the kinds of things that make me happy ok.
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man i am the best friend

cutting the rest for the sake of your flists, you're welcome )

so yeah

gif party

give me your gifs!!!
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because i don't have an icon comm and refuse to get one because i make icons like twice a year tops
42, at least 5 of each member + some alternates

this video is like porn and i've watched it roughly fifteen million times )

comments are ♥ but whatever
credit is great but i'm not going to chase you down lmao
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i just cut some people from f-list after some serious thinking and consideration. i am just feeling as though we no longer gel for one reason or another. ♥! best of luck.
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but since i'm uploading it for my girl kara i figure i might as well share the links

this is just the con + wink killer, letter reading, credits and encore at that show, my rip of the 3rd disc is screwy
join all parts with hjsplit
quality is basically the same as the dvd, i legit ripped it directly and converted to mp4. these are encoded specifically to play on an xbox 360 but shouldn't be any big deal or anything.

example caps: 1 2 3 4 5

DISC 1 (1.14GB, .mp4) .001 .002 .003
DISC 2 (1.69 GB, .mp4) .001 .002 .003 .004

Credit and comments are of course nice, but idrgaf. Just don't claim it's yours, y'know?
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just cut roughly 40 people from my f-list. nothing personal, just trying to have a little... personal evolution, i guess, in my life. ♥ i'm trying to get back into a lot of real life posting instead of fandom posting, so anyone who doesn't want to see that can certainly tell me bye-bye, no hard feelings.


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関ジャニ∞/Kanjani8 (also known as Eito) is a 7-member (formerly 8-member, we'll get into that later) idol group signed to Johnny's and Associates. This is the first in a series of 8 pimp posts on the various members in hopes of making everyone a crazy stan like I am. :Db or at least promoting the group love, because they really do need it.

pimp post: the group )

I hope this at least pokes your interest! Mention it to me if you notice any issues (in grammar or facts l-lol) or if you want more direction in your exploring! I have all sorts of stuff to spam people with. >:D

Index of all posts:

group │ yasu │ maru │ hina │ ryo │ subaru │ ohkura │ yoko

These posts will remain open, feel free to link!
Credit has to go to a bunch of people, including [ profile] enshinge, [ profile] ohmiya_sg, [ profile] kanjani8_quotes, [ profile] eitokickass, [ profile] je_mix_fansubs, tumblr, twitter, sina, google... if I put something up of yours and you want it down, let me know! :D
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lol so I just cut about 20 journals from my f-list because they were internet-dead/we no longer talk/we've never talked/our interests no longer match up. None of those were people I've added since the last friending meme--it's only been a couple of months, and I've been on a half-hiatus for most of it. So I'd love to continue getting to know all of you now that I have free time! :D

this is also the place to tell me you don't think we're going to work out! i (probably) won't cry about it later. ;DDD no but seriously, if anybody wants me off their f-list go ahead and cut me now. :)

this post'll remain public for a week or so.
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SO SEUNGRI'S MINI-ALBUM IS BASICALLY THE BEST THING EVER, RIGHT? i'm so proud of him and so happy and sdgjfkgnkfmgkmfdUNF. this man. such excellence.

lol this is a nakamaru picspam from a shokura perf because i wanted to. )
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Title: Thunder-fire
Characters, Pairings: (this part) KAT-TUN, primarily Jin / Jin+Kame-ish?
Rating: PG-13 for Jin’s mouth
Warnings: Weirdness, AU (RESCUE/CHANGE UR WORLD)
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Akanishi Jin, super-powered former super-soldier, and the surprises of returns. Part 1 of 2.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] rinhriveiel for the beta, as always. Written for [ profile] katmillia. I meant to have this in for yuletide but it… didn’t come to me, probably in large part because I'd decided to play it kind of Jin/Kame-ish. Ah well. ILU KATY. The ~superpowers~ are based off of Change Ur World, except of course for Jin.

'I’ll quit drinking,' Jin offered, and the three of them laughed away two and a half months. )
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I love mashups. I think they're fun and often really cool and there are some really good ones out there. Sadly, Johnny's fandom is really lacking on the mashup front, but there are some and I promised people on my t-list I'd post about the ones I've found. In no particular order:

downloads~~~~ )

There have to be more out there--so. You know. If anybody has any (especially senpai ones or Arashi ones?) link me! :D :D :D
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I have absolutely no excuse for this. :D?

Title: Eggs, over easy
Pairing/Characters: Yamada Ryousuke + Suda Masaki (Top Coat inc) / Yamada, Suda, appearances from Yuma, Chinen, and Mabo
Rating: PG :3
Word count: 531
Warning: Alternate Universe
Summary: Suda Masaki stops by the Love Love Manhattan every afternoon.
Notes: For [ profile] melonpunch. I couldn't figure out a way to get her favorites Suda and Yamada to meet in RL so I went the AU route. Yeah. :U

nyc in waist coats is kind of making me *____*. I'm almost ashamed! )
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All right people! [ profile] katmillia and I are bored after working on Yuletide Madness posts, but we want to write. I'm not in the mood to work on my ~projects~ so I'm hitting anybody who wants to come chillax and write with us to do so. This one is JE-only, sorry toku peeps/musou peeps/mecha peeps. ♥!

~Snazzy Guidelines~

The only rule I really want to outline is that on length: it's gotta fit into a comment, people. That leaves you with 5000 characters to work with!

Other than that, no double-posting and don't be a dick? Let's keep it fun! :)

oh hay~

Dec. 25th, 2010 07:06 pm
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Merry Christmas, f-list! I really should have posted earlier but I went back to bed after presents and didn't wake up until 3 so. :D /loser

I just thought I'd link the two amazing gifts I got for Yuletide this year, because omg you guys.

On Gilded Wings
(Shin Sangokumusou, Cao Pi/Zhen Ji)
This. This this this. This took my 'strong women and the men who love them' prompt and knocked it out of the park. Zhen Ji is strong, "steel wrapped in silk", and Cao Pi is proud and in love with her and maybe a little scared of her lol, and they are a perfect match. ♥♥♥

All According to Plan
(Kamen Rider W, Ryuu/Akiko)
HNNNNNNNG. The Akiko characterization in this is spot on and the way she drags Ryuu along and Ryuu is up for it in his gruff Ryuu way and the fact that this fits into the backdrop of W like their canon romance did and and and. /incoherent with glee still


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