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I have absolutely no excuse for this. :D?

Title: Eggs, over easy
Pairing/Characters: Yamada Ryousuke + Suda Masaki (Top Coat inc) / Yamada, Suda, appearances from Yuma, Chinen, and Mabo
Rating: PG :3
Word count: 531
Warning: Alternate Universe
Summary: Suda Masaki stops by the Love Love Manhattan every afternoon.
Notes: For [ profile] melonpunch. I couldn't figure out a way to get her favorites Suda and Yamada to meet in RL so I went the AU route. Yeah. :U

Suda Masaki stops by the Love Love Manhattan cafe every afternoon. He always orders the same thing: a BLT on white toast and a cup of black coffee (Matsuoka approves, but he teases Suda about being too old for his years a bit too early anyway), and waits around until the trio of waiters the patrons usually call 'NYC' show up in the early evening to replace NTT, Mabo's midday shift. As soon as Suda sees Yamada come out, hair sprayed back behind his ears and in his black waist coat (buttoned with a sparkly red gem of a button Mabo distinctly remembers pointing out as non-regulation), he downs his coffee and escapes.

One day, Suda's running late and he shows up at the same time as NYC, and that's when things get interesting (or hilarious, but then Mabo's always been kind of a sadist). He meets Yamada's eye (something he never ever does) and freezes up, lips pulled in and a half smile choking up on his face. Yamada grins back, pushing his hair behind his ears (a nervous habit? Mabo's never sure if it's fake coyness or real with that kid) and nervously saying hello.

"Yamada Ryousuke! You're here a lot, aren't you?"

"I... like the BLT. Suda! I'm Suda. Suda Masaki."

They laugh nervously; Yuma smacks Chinen's shoulder, tsukkomi style (Chinen gives him a look that has Nakamaru leaping behind a table in fear--Chinen is terrifying) but the two of them shut up when Yamada turns and scowls at both of them in the middle of a stilted conversation with Suda about soccer.

Mabo shares a grin with Chinen when they get in and Yamada and Suda keep up their conversation in bits and pieces while Yamada flirts with his usual customers. Mabo's terrifying too, after all.

Their mutual plan to get Yamada and Suda alone doesn't go very well, though. Chinen tries first, saying he's got this totally in the bag Matsuoka-san, don't worry.

"Yuma," Chinen says pleasantly, winding his arm through Yuma's and smiling at him.

"Uh?" Yuma looks terrified (he probably should be).

"I need help in the back, can you help me?"

"Oh I got it," Yamada calls back from the back room, "what do you need?"

Chinen sighs and asks for the Colombian coffee, despite the fact that Mabo has an extra bag under the counter.

Mabo takes a more... hands-on approach. He tells Suda he doesn't have any bacon left, but stalls him with stories about his days as a wandering member of a biker gang, and as soon as NYC crash in he hauls Chinen and Yuma off, talking about grocery shopping.

"Make him your specialty, Yamada," Mabo orders in a quiet voice.

"Uh," manages Yuma, before Mabo gets him in a headlock and drags him after him.

When they get back (they did actually need to go grocery shopping), Mabo leans his head inside. Yamada is sitting next to Suda at the bar, thighs pressed together and an egg sandwich between them, untouched. Mabo grins at Chinen, and they snigger.

Then they duck, as Yamada has turned and thrown the spatula he used to make the sandwich.

"Ow," Yuma complains.
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