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Or, see Katie capitalize on Eito fandom seeing them for the first time and maybe snag them some fans.

If you're an Eito fan, you've probably seen talk of guesting on SCP with some band made of old guys named the Cro-Magnons. This is not the end all and be all of the Cro-Magnons as a pimp post; this is a rough primer to give you an idea of what you're missing. In any event, you'll come out of this knowing who's who!

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関ジャニ∞/Kanjani8 (also known as Eito) is a 7-member (formerly 8-member, we'll get into that later) idol group signed to Johnny's and Associates. This is the first in a series of 8 pimp posts on the various members in hopes of making everyone a crazy stan like I am. :Db or at least promoting the group love, because they really do need it.

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I hope this at least pokes your interest! Mention it to me if you notice any issues (in grammar or facts l-lol) or if you want more direction in your exploring! I have all sorts of stuff to spam people with. >:D

Index of all posts:

group │ yasu │ maru │ hina │ ryo │ subaru │ ohkura │ yoko

These posts will remain open, feel free to link!
Credit has to go to a bunch of people, including [ profile] enshinge, [ profile] ohmiya_sg, [ profile] kanjani8_quotes, [ profile] eitokickass, [ profile] je_mix_fansubs, tumblr, twitter, sina, google... if I put something up of yours and you want it down, let me know! :D


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