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I am mostly on hiatus. I'm trying to get back to at least replying to comments but I have limited computer access and a lot of homework to work on. A quick update, though~

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Apologies to anyone who wanted to talk about Den-o, I've gone missing and [ profile] gekidasa is currently quite busy with Sherlock :D;; I fell behind but am up to like 34 or something. So yeah. Spam me if you want.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 10:35 pm
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SO [ profile] gekidasa AND I ARE WATCHING DEN-O.

I've already seen it (twice) and Mura's been through the first 20 or something but it's been so long for her we're starting from the beginning. We're watching 8 episodes a week for the next 6 weeks, and 9 in the final week so that we can be done with it before Ooze begins. We're doing discussion posts and I'm going to be trying really hard to do episode recaps / spoilery-discussions if there's anyone else re-watching with me. If you plan on joining us, a comment so that I have an excuse to randomly spam you would be A++ :3

We'd love it if anyone who wanted to re-watch / has never watched it / has no desire to re-watch but likes to talk about it would join in with us :D :D :D

Crossposting to [ profile] kamenrider later~ and done!

To reiterate!

Come watch with us or Hana will hurt you. :D
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I've only watched the first episode so far (has anyone seen the movies? are they good?) but holy shit I love fresh tokusatsu series *___* (only partially because I only recognize half the scenery rather than pretty much all of it :D;;)

~~Nao's cleavage invites you to look under the cut~~

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First off... WHAT THE HELL? O_____________________________o

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for the record I agonized over that for nearly four hours XD

Now I want 555 Sims in my game ;___; but Sim!Kusaka's going to spend the whole time trolling Sim!Mutsuki or something, I know it D: *pats Sim!Mutsuki*


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