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I love mashups. I think they're fun and often really cool and there are some really good ones out there. Sadly, Johnny's fandom is really lacking on the mashup front, but there are some and I promised people on my t-list I'd post about the ones I've found. In no particular order:

downloads~~~~ )

There have to be more out there--so. You know. If anybody has any (especially senpai ones or Arashi ones?) link me! :D :D :D
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All right people! [ profile] katmillia and I are bored after working on Yuletide Madness posts, but we want to write. I'm not in the mood to work on my ~projects~ so I'm hitting anybody who wants to come chillax and write with us to do so. This one is JE-only, sorry toku peeps/musou peeps/mecha peeps. ♥!

~Snazzy Guidelines~

The only rule I really want to outline is that on length: it's gotta fit into a comment, people. That leaves you with 5000 characters to work with!

Other than that, no double-posting and don't be a dick? Let's keep it fun! :)
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Warning: there are a lot of pictures under here. No, really.

I took the time to finally watch the J-Friends DVD. Under the cut is hilarity, hilarity, hilarity, entirely inappropriate innuendo, and random junior sightings! It's mostly J-Friends (TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids) but there's also Higashi, Atsuhiro, Sato (who was so hot omg. why did he have to do drugs?), Arashi, and Tackey and Tsubasa in the ending.

These are from the parts of the DVD that are not the 02-03 countdown performances:
um i ship nagase/everyone. EVERYONE. )

Now, most of these videos are from various countdowns, and the last one (the 2002-2003 one) included the rest of the countdown so there are various other people in this. A warning. :D;;

how many people will nagase molest today? )

Um these are fron the final talk section. I refuse to cut any of them because Nagase is so so so ridiculously attractive.

hnnnnng )

So in summary: GO WATCH IT. You can find it at [ profile] tokioteatime
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Hello, happy thanksgiving! I am so full of pie and stuff right now lD;;

I love this meme, and it's been a while since I did it, so.

1 Yasu
2 Yoko
3 Nagase
4 Maru
5 Subaru
6 Junno
7 Aiba
8 Ohno
9 Nakamaru
10 Okada
11 Nino
12 Leader

some of these are hilarious. THANK YOU LEADER. )
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This fic was one of my drafts for [ profile] jerainbowbridge that never made it completion. I told [ profile] rockthecliche I'd post some Junno/Ryo, though, so. This is about 1600 words, incomplete in all forms of the words, and I'm not totally happy with it. Crit is welcome! I don't know how I feel about this Ryo. Also includes Akanishi+Nakamaru and vague Junno+People. PG-13. :)

the kokipi was worse. )
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Reveals have gone up at [ profile] jerainbowbridge, so!

Title: From Sunday to Sunday
Pairings/Groups: KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 (gen)
Rating: G
Warnings: Ariehen Sekai is filmed on Fridays, or so says my googling, but I couldn't find info about Kanjani8 Map or Janiben.
Summary: Nakamaru’s car breaks down, Yoko and Maru offer to molest people, Taguchi is evil incarnate, and Akanishi invades Recomen (or: Nakamaru carpools, and everything snowballs)
Notes: '4649' is slang for 'yo-ro-shi-ku', and Nakamaru mentions his 'personal' and 'work' cell phones a couple of times. Due to the fact that SMS is super-cheap everything else is really expensive (or so says my ~research~), it makes total sense to have phones on various providers. Nakamaru is technically a kouhai to Yoko by two years and Yasu/Maru/Ohkura by one. Timewise this fic is set in the early part of 2010.

weeeek, Nakamaru style )


Oct. 13th, 2010 01:49 pm
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So somehow I ended up with two gifts for rainbowbridge, lol. I'm floored by that--I'm never that lucky, and both of the fics that are for meeee mine mine mine ♥ ♥ (/possessive creepiness) are so awesome and hilarious and they star my absolute favorites and I want to pimp them out so bad and I seriously can't get over how hilarious and fun they both are so here, have the links and go read and enjoy if JE is your thing. The first is AU and stars Nakamaru and Junno and Sho and Nakai and Taichi and there are animatronic murdering sharks and Sakamoto being insane and hilarity and childish pranks and and and EEEE. The second is no less hilarious but about half the length and involves Yoko making Junno pay up for coming up with the 'Iriguchi deguchi Taguchi desu!' gag he uses all the time and Junno is evil and Yoko thinks he's evil and I just. Crying.

I want to know who they are so I can shower them with love D: because both fics are so great D:
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So I forgot to post about it, but [ profile] jerainbowbridge started posting on Saturday and as I participated I feel obligated to tell any of my multi-group JE friends to go at least check things out :) there are several really cute fics already up!
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Maru's hair looked good, even! XD

picture evidence )

The song is good!

I don't dare tread on the NEWS comms, did Ryo fall or something? ):

(Is there a link to the full SP somewhere? Jpopsuki only has the 17gig .ts file and uh no thanks. or you can just let me down gently, I was hoping for Arashi-Kanjani antics?)
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I am mostly on hiatus. I'm trying to get back to at least replying to comments but I have limited computer access and a lot of homework to work on. A quick update, though~

real life, toku, je, mass effect, drama )

Apologies to anyone who wanted to talk about Den-o, I've gone missing and [ profile] gekidasa is currently quite busy with Sherlock :D;; I fell behind but am up to like 34 or something. So yeah. Spam me if you want.
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title: Across oceans
fandom: My Girl (j-drama)
characters: Kazama Masamune, Kazama Koharu
rating: a healthy g :D
summary: Koharu and Masamune talk their way through winter, in pictures and words and laughter. Set during the New York gap~
notes: yeah, yeah, like a billion years late on watching this one. whatever.

masamune, you're going to get slapped with a misdemeanor for stalking at this rate. )


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