Dec. 25th, 2010

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Dec. 25th, 2010 07:06 pm
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Merry Christmas, f-list! I really should have posted earlier but I went back to bed after presents and didn't wake up until 3 so. :D /loser

I just thought I'd link the two amazing gifts I got for Yuletide this year, because omg you guys.

On Gilded Wings
(Shin Sangokumusou, Cao Pi/Zhen Ji)
This. This this this. This took my 'strong women and the men who love them' prompt and knocked it out of the park. Zhen Ji is strong, "steel wrapped in silk", and Cao Pi is proud and in love with her and maybe a little scared of her lol, and they are a perfect match. ♥♥♥

All According to Plan
(Kamen Rider W, Ryuu/Akiko)
HNNNNNNNG. The Akiko characterization in this is spot on and the way she drags Ryuu along and Ryuu is up for it in his gruff Ryuu way and the fact that this fits into the backdrop of W like their canon romance did and and and. /incoherent with glee still
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All right people! [ profile] katmillia and I are bored after working on Yuletide Madness posts, but we want to write. I'm not in the mood to work on my ~projects~ so I'm hitting anybody who wants to come chillax and write with us to do so. This one is JE-only, sorry toku peeps/musou peeps/mecha peeps. ♥!

~Snazzy Guidelines~

The only rule I really want to outline is that on length: it's gotta fit into a comment, people. That leaves you with 5000 characters to work with!

Other than that, no double-posting and don't be a dick? Let's keep it fun! :)


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