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Hello there, and an advance thank you for the holiday cheer you're sure to bring me :)

I'd like to direct you first to my fiction archive, [ profile] fourlttrepitaph, for a taste of what I like to write and in most cases read. General things I love include AUs, BFFs, humor, strong women, and boys being boys no matter what age they are.

About me:
I'm Kate, a 20-year-old English major! I love the Japanese language, shounen manga, mythology of various sources, biblical lore, the Lord of the Rings, television, feminism, fashion, psychology, pop idols, computers, tokusatsu, high fantasy, A Song of Ice and Fire, cyberpunk and space opera.

Specific do wants/do not wants:

Things I love in narratives:
Battles of wits, strategy, foreplay through words
Brothers forged by a common battlefield rather than blood
Intimacy despite distance
Food-related shenanigans ♥
Mutual manipulation (but not coercion)
Strong women and the men (or women) who love them
Any kind of character-specific dumbassery.

Things I despise in narratives:
Seme/uke syndrome and role assignment, ~rape is love~ etc etc
Forced porn. If it's not there, don't force it!

Things that don't bother me either way:
Specific-character or ensemble fic
Porn or ~fading to black~
Style names and honorifics or no use of them at all

Things I'd love to see: Cao Pi/Zhen Ji when they first marry, Cao Pi being awesome, Cao Pi wanting to stab himself in the face over dumbassery, etc etc

Dynasty Warriors is a series of hilariously over-the-top KOEI-produced hack-and-slash video games on various platforms, based around the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I adore DW in spite of (and perhaps because of) its fantastical expression and insane characterizations. 4 and 5 are my favorite entrants in the series (but, uh, DW6!Cao Pi has my favorite design /cough) because the ladies were in most cases less ~my husband!!1~ and more about kicking the crap out of people, and characters like Pang De and Jiang Wei and Da Qiao and the like existed/were awesome. I'm not looking for pairing fic in this request beyond Cao Pi and his historical wife, Zhen Ji, but I'm all about friendship and the like. :)

I am not, in fact, a strict follower of the history of the Three Kingdoms; I'm familiar, but if you choose to write Dynasty Warriors in the entire fantastical creature it is I can fully embrace that. Seriously. I love all the ridiculous feats and the Strikeforce crap and ladies using giant fans on the battlefield.

I'd prefer pairing fic but friendship fic would be okay too! Things I'd love to see: What are they going into the facility to do? Is it a facility? Is a prison? Are they breaking into the city? Anything!

This is in my top three KAT-TUN PVs omg! Basically anything (as long as it's focused around Junno, Jin, or Nakamaru) is fair game for me. I'm afraid that to the average person KAT-TUN (they're a Japanese idol band) might make very little sense. This, however, might border on RPF for some people and I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. If you find yourself wanting to jump into KAT-TUN fandom, though, I'd suggest this pimp post (it's the most recent and probably least biased, though I don't agree with all of the blurbs). There's a download for the PV (unsubbed) in that post. Subbed versions are available here and here.

Things I'd love to see: either gen (which can certainly include the rest of the cast if you want!) or slash or... anything. I just want to read more about Takeru and Genta going back to being best friends for life after spending so much time apart. Or about Takeru wanting to keep Genta out of things! Or Genta missing Takeru terribly. Or or or... you get the idea.

Shinkenger: It's Power Rangers. No, really. For those unfamiliar with it, Shinkenger can be downloaded here. Takeru and Genta share 'favorite character' billing for me because of their mutually deep stories. Takeru's struggles to find his own place and Genta's determination to be the best samurai ever for Take-chan, Takeru's stubborn loner attitudes despite his easily embarrassed tendencies, Genta's relentless cheer and stubborn determination atop his genius intelligence (and ridiculous faces).

Things I'd love to see: Ryu taking her on an awkward first date or Shotaro stalking them at the amusement park and being accosted by children or Queen & Elizabeth finding themselves on the end of the slipper after propositioning Ryu or the two of them trying to keep Shotaro from jumping off of a bridge during the time gap in the finale. Even just friendship fic would be great, they were such a fun relationship and the way they understood each others' loss was basically everything awesome.

Kamen Rider W. EEEE. If you've ever seen Masked Rider, I'm very sorry you had to sit through that. Kamen Rider is a long-running Japanese series based around young men (usually) with the ability to transform into assk-kicking dudes in spandex via their transformation belts. I suggest the subs here versus the TV-Nihon releases (I have issues with the TV-N translations) if W is new to you. W is a show about a detective, Shotaro, and his partner, a reclusive genius named Philip with the power to 'look up' anything in the Earth's consciousness (also called the Gaia library). If it sounds weird, it is. Together Philip and Shotaro create Kamen Rider W (Double), who has two 'halves'--one half is controlled by Philip and the other Shotaro, despite them sharing Shotaro's body. …yeah. My request, however, centers around the other half of our heroes: Akiko, the 'Chief' of the Narumi detective agency. Her father, Sokichi, was the previous Chief and Shotaro's mentor, but he's disappeared. Akiko is a loud pushy girl from Kansai with too much curiosity and a slipper she wields as a weapon. Terui Ryu, a late entrant to the cast, is a police Lieutenant needing revenge. Together they fight crime act as an odd couple. Ryu/Akiko is cute because Akiko helps Ryu get past his all-consuming need for revenge. Ryu obviously has affection for her, in his own way, despite his usual straight-backed stubborn 'don't ask me questions!' attitude. I love that their relationship is mostly against the backdrop in the midst of the Shotaro-Philip drama.

Once again. Thank you for whatever you cook up, writer. I'm sure it's going to be totally awesome and I already love you. :)

Happy Yuletide!

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Date: 2010-11-21 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
'I just want to read more about Takeru and Genta going back to being best friends for life after spending so much time apart. Or about Takeru wanting to keep Genta out of things! Or Genta missing Takeru terribly. Or or or... you get the idea.'

Why didn't they explore this more during the series? WHHHHHHY? T_T

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Date: 2010-11-21 01:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not that I don't find the notion delicious, but Genta needed more serious business episodes and less gurning and more tackle-hugging Take-chan. Having said this, my longest-standing rp at the moment is Genta/Chiaki >.>

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Date: 2010-11-21 02:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Amen to all of this. That was pretty much one of my only complaints about the entire series.


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