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All of my comment-box!fic for Ginnie in one entry! :D These are unbeta'd atm--I literally c&p'd these. There are probably spelling errors or grammar issues everywhere, I apologize. I'll go back and check them later, I promise. The longest of these is probably 300 words, tops.

daimao, kisses, pg )

keisuke/tomo, daimao, daisuke i am disappoint, pg13 )

makki, daisuke, daimao implied, tapes, pg )

takki/seto/tomo, daimao, teacher teacher )

daimao, voice practice, pg13 )

daimao, beaches, pg )

daimao, yamada, denim, pg )

daimao, bed scenes, r )
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Ooooh, RPS. 's been a while since I wrote any of that, right? XD

Title: The Landick Power of Rock is no match for 'GRACIAS!'
Author: kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
Rating: PG-13 for implications of sex
Warnings: Daisuke is a Grumpy Old Man, Yun is Evil, Ryu/Mirai is Daisuke's OTP besides DaiMao, and the Tensouder is used for nefarious purposes. Also, sorry for making fun of you, KenKen! XD
Characters/Pairings: Hamao Kyosuke, Watanabe Daisuke, Aniki, Roku, Ono Kento, Some Nameless Chick / DaiMao and apparently the cast of Goseiger/Mao?
Summary: Poor Ono. Watanabe Daisuke's imagination runs wild, Roku still hates Daisuke, and Aniki is surrounded by people who do not understand the plight that is his life. Or something.
Notes: Your birthday fic got tossed in favor of this, Ginnie :/ It was like a fungus. Kind of like Daisuke's stupid hairstyles? It ate everything else I tried to write! XD;; The Aniki parts are for you, though ♥ ALSO IT IS REALLY WEIRD TO RPS!SHIP PEOPLE YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE, EVEN JUST FOR LULZ. Am I breaking a friend code by writing you into this, Ginnie? XDDDDDD

'...Daisuke, you are not getting jealous of /Ono Kento/, are you?' )

That was dumb! :D But it was fun, so whatever~
Jesus Christ the cat is a character now D: between that and the Aniki/Ginnie I am reaching new levels of LOSER.
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title: Tense.
author: Kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
rating: r, for concepts
pairing: Watanabe Daisuke / Hamao Kyousuke, Kato Keisuke / Yanagashita Tomo / Takiguchi Yukihiro [/ Seto Koji]
summary: In which Furukawa Yuuta is the best relationship counselor ever, Hamao Kyousuke takes the damn initiative, Takiguchi Yukihiro is some kind of super-spy, and all in all everyone is dumb. ♥
notes: I wanted to write get togethers? *shrug* and dumb. Oh, boys. <3


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