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First off... WHAT THE HELL? O_____________________________o

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for the record I agonized over that for nearly four hours XD

Now I want 555 Sims in my game ;___; but Sim!Kusaka's going to spend the whole time trolling Sim!Mutsuki or something, I know it D: *pats Sim!Mutsuki*
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Same as on the comm, but I want it all together in one place so I've posted it here, too.

And so the re-watch begins, at least for me.
Warning: I can be kind of crude, so bad language is here. Sorry? :D?

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In retrospect, I freaking talk about Sekikawa a whole hell of a lot. I'm sorry he interests me? :D;;
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As I was writing Sure Bet, I realized that much of it wasn't going to click into place for my readers, because the continuity it has come to be a part of is currently unfinished and unpublished anywhere, so I thought I'd include some of the notes and passages that were not including in the final version of this piece:

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Besides that, I've realized that not everyone has the resources I do when it comes to character information. On the lj comm
[ profile] morita_babies , some kind user posted up the character profiles of the manga versions of the characters. I thought I'd include it here for everyone else to see. It's important to note that these are not my translations. However, I have done two things: ordered the characters by number / position, added their heights and weights in the American system, and finally added their heights for the drama version, as found in the Rookies Perfect Book. So now no one can say that I'm pulling stuff out of my ass when I mention Sekikawa's two sisters and Imaoka's older brother :D

None of these siblings have been mention in canon; I have, however, named several as a necessity, and those names are included at the end. If anyone wants to steal them, they're welcome to. =]

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