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Title: Thunder-fire
Characters, Pairings: (this part) KAT-TUN, primarily Jin / Jin+Kame-ish?
Rating: PG-13 for Jin’s mouth
Warnings: Weirdness, AU (RESCUE/CHANGE UR WORLD)
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Akanishi Jin, super-powered former super-soldier, and the surprises of returns. Part 1 of 2.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] rinhriveiel for the beta, as always. Written for [ profile] katmillia. I meant to have this in for yuletide but it… didn’t come to me, probably in large part because I'd decided to play it kind of Jin/Kame-ish. Ah well. ILU KATY. The ~superpowers~ are based off of Change Ur World, except of course for Jin.

'I’ll quit drinking,' Jin offered, and the three of them laughed away two and a half months. )


Nov. 27th, 2010 12:54 pm
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So [ profile] katmillia came up with this idea:

There are those memes that go around before Christmas, where you write down 10 things you want and post it on LJ, and if anyone can fulfill it, then they do, and if you can do something on theirs, then you do that. Well, I think we should do that- only with fic! So anyone who wants to do this, post the things you most want to see fic of- anything! Can be specific, can be just pairings, whatever, and if you see something on someone else's that you can do, then you should do it! :D

I think it's an awesome idea so. December is going to filled with so much fic-writing lD;; Mine are mostly about the pairings! I offer suggestions because that's what I would look for, but I know that's constricting to other people. Ignore as much as you like?

Things Kate Would Die to Get For the Holidays This Year

1. Yoko/Aiba (or Aiba/Yoko, doesn't bother me!) - they're my favorites! anything is okay! food shenanigans or video gaming or boobs or debut-related angst or arguing or dumb or or or anything.

2. Video game shenanigans - I was talking to Liv about Leader playing WoW but Chinen mentioned TaNaka ganging up on him and I know Junno mentioned Nikki playing on the same game as him once and just. I'm writing Leader playing WoW right now but uh Junno/Nino/Shige/Yoko FFXI farming sessions? Chinen leveling up on the side to beat up TaNaka?

3. Ohno/Maachin - Kyo to Kyo era or not! Actually I would kill for the two of them celebrating their anniversary together, ngl.

4. Nagase/Koichi - with side Tsuyoshi/Okada or not. XD Just... no KinKi Kids as a pairing. Please. That's all I ask.

5. KAT-TUN, circa 2004 - I'm writing about Junno after the accident right now and it's angsty and sadness and I need more D: Koki is making this asshole face all through Junno's letter to KAT-TUN during the SC episode where they read it and omg please. PLEASE. It doesn't have to be Junno-centric but. Y'know. Biases and all that.

6. TNT porn - or. You know. TKU porn when Kameda get annoyed Junno is spending too much time with TaNaka.

7. Nakamaru/Jin - of the not explosively angsty kind! Pre- or post- Jin's departure, phonesex while Jin's in LA, anything. ;______;

8. Nakai/Joshima - ;__________________; please?

9. Yasu/Ryo - I. I have no excuse. I just want Yasu topping the hell out of Ryo and Ryo liking it. Because hot.

10. Ohno/Maruyama/Ninomiya - because I can only take Ohmiya when they're being interrupted by Maru. Ohno jealousy sparked by Nino feeding Maru on set? Maru not even realizing he's doing it? ♥ ♥

I'm not a fan of non-con or the usual grossness, but I have a thing for crossdressing. You know, if that appeals to anybody. Um I like angst with hopeful endings or dumbassery to the nth degree and making fun of people and naked-ness and occasional ventures into het sex.
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Hello, happy thanksgiving! I am so full of pie and stuff right now lD;;

I love this meme, and it's been a while since I did it, so.

1 Yasu
2 Yoko
3 Nagase
4 Maru
5 Subaru
6 Junno
7 Aiba
8 Ohno
9 Nakamaru
10 Okada
11 Nino
12 Leader

some of these are hilarious. THANK YOU LEADER. )


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