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Title: Thunder-fire
Characters, Pairings: (this part) KAT-TUN, primarily Jin / Jin+Kame-ish?
Rating: PG-13 for Jin’s mouth
Warnings: Weirdness, AU (RESCUE/CHANGE UR WORLD)
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Akanishi Jin, super-powered former super-soldier, and the surprises of returns. Part 1 of 2.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] rinhriveiel for the beta, as always. Written for [ profile] katmillia. I meant to have this in for yuletide but it… didn’t come to me, probably in large part because I'd decided to play it kind of Jin/Kame-ish. Ah well. ILU KATY. The ~superpowers~ are based off of Change Ur World, except of course for Jin.

Electricity crackled between Jin's knuckles as he inspected the locks. He twitched his fingers--a tiny little spark skipped from one bend of his fingers to the next like a particularly naughty child--and slipped the very edge of his fingertip inside the keyhole along the back of the lock. One zap later, he pushed the heavy cell door open. He stole down the hall, rubbing his hands together for static as he hid behind a corner. Footsteps--he froze. The thundering stomps could only be a guard on patrol. Jin ducked low and tucked himself back against the corner, waiting, his heartbeat counting seconds as it thundered in his ears.

The toe of his boot dug into the dull metal floor, and he sprang out to catch the guard by surprise. Thunder sparked across his palm as he swung his fist, and he grunted when he found himself face to face with someone familiar.

"…Kame?!" he squawked.

"Shut up!" Kame hissed back, arm covering Jin's mouth. Jin spit out the dry taste of Kame's jacket, his mouth drawing up in disgust.

"What are you going here?" Jin asked.


"…what are you doing here?" Jin whispered.

"Rescuing you," Kame answered, rolling his eyes like the answer was obvious.

"Wha--really?" Jin grinned at Kame, only to get a glare the strength of which Jin rarely saw. Jin’s grin faded. "What’s up?" asked Jin, finally.

"We got a job," Kame answered.

No other reply. Jin sighed. "What kind of job, Kame?" he asked, playing along.

A crash of metal on metal; Kame whirled, cursing, and Jin rubbed his fingers together once more.

"We don’t have time for this," Kame decided, hand firm on Jin’s arm as he hauled him backward toward the wall.

"Don’t tell me you’re gonna—"

Kame glared at him.

"Of course you are."

Kame shoved him against the stone wall and breathed, melting them into the bricks. Then they were—part—of the prison, breath replaced by stone and heartbeat by the pitter-patter of feet along the floor, and he wasn’t sure where he ended and Kame began, one mutual slide with Kame hissing calm, Jin, stay calm in his ear until they stumble out the other side.

Jin spat, wrinkling his nose. "That never stops being freaky," he grumbled.

Kame bristled. "Sorry I saved your life," he snapped.

"That’s not—" Jin turned away, scratching at his scalp.

"…sorry," said Kame, "we don’t have much time."

"Make time," Jin said, "what the hell is going on here?"

"Somebody—somebody took out a contract with Koki and Ueda—on Nakamaru."

Thunder cracked overhead.

They had had a base—okay, maybe base was a little much but hey Jin liked to feel official—under the mechanics shop Mouse Peace for almost as long as they’d been a group. Jin leaned against the equipment shed behind the building while Kame fought his way over junk to force his key into the lock on the half-hidden slim door. He kicked the door open with a grunt, and Jin began the climb over sliding metal to join him.

The stairs were always the worst part: if the light that lit the place was on, then the stairs were coated in water. If the stairs were dry things were almost certainly pitch black. Never mind Kame’s stupid traps. Kame was disarming the step-trap at the halfway point when Jin slammed the door closed.

"Akanishi," Kame called, "I need a light."

A little ball of electricity rolled down the wall from the top of the stairs while Jin made sure the door was gonna stay closed, god damn hinges rusting in place, why didn’t anybody keep up with this shit.

Kame stood, rubbing his hands clean on his coat. "All right," he called, and Jin thundered down the stairs.

"I’m going to—go see Nakamaru," said Kame, when they reached the hallway.

"Have fun," said Jin, waving.

"Oiiiii~" he called, kicking open the door to their tiny common room. He grinned. Ueda’s fists flew through the air in the corner, fire following the huffs of his breath, and Koki was leaning over a gun with a screwdriver.

"I see you haven’t changed at all," Jin commented.

Ueda turned toward him, eyes amused. "Did you expect us to?" he asked.

"Hey, hey, we still could," said Kame, "I could pick up tea making, you could join a ballet class…"

"I’ll quit drinking," Jin offered, and the three of them laughed away two and a half months.

"Tatchan," said Jin, after a swig of whiskey, "how’d all this shit go down?"

Ueda made a noise in the back of his throat, watching fire leap from one fingertip to the next in the dim fluorescent lighting.

"He knows something," Ueda said, "did Kame tell you we fought Kanjani again? Nishikido said something that freaked him out."

Jin remembered with a shiver the way Ryo and Ueda had fought in the Atrium, dirty and messy. The butterfly tattoo on Ueda’s cheek wasn’t just because he really liked purple and silver things with wings or pretty designs and couldn’t settle for a sticker like a normal person; the scar it hid was too bad to leave naked, even here.

"You’re not gonna… right?"

"What? Jin don’t be ridiculous," Ueda said, "I’m a heartless super-soldier turned freelance mercenary but I’m not going to kill my friend, never mind that he’s Koki’s other half."

"Better half, but then anything’s better than Koki," Jin teased, poking at the drunk sleeping mass of Koki slumped against his side. He stretched, glancing at the clock.

"Three a.m.," he said, "better go relieve Taguchi. Have fun, Tatchan."

Ueda nodded absently, back to watching fire sliding across his fingertips.

Considering, of course it’d be Nakamaru. Nakamaru, who was afraid of heights even though the air currents hadn’t let him fall to the ground once since he was eight years old, who cried when you put a frog in his dormitory four-poster (yes, even at twenty-seven). Nakamaru, who knew more about strategy than anyone Jin had ever met, who had roughly three years of training the Juniors under his belt.

"God, it’s so damp down here," Jin complained, patting down his hair, "Taguchi does it have to be so wet?"

Junno shrugged without looking up from the sim in his lap, which meant no, probably not, but Junno was a sneaky one and probably wanted to eavesdrop.

"Well… dry it up and get outta here, I got this."

Junno looked up and offered Jin a wide smile. "It’s good to see you too," he said.

"Yeah, I guess," Jin answered, and forced his way past to the doorway.

"Oi, Nakamaru!"

"Akanishi," said Nakamaru, hunched over papers on a cot thrown together in the corner.

"What’s going on," Jin asked, no preamble, throwing himself onto the cot next to Nakamaru and leaning over to grab the papers.

"Where did you find these?"

"…I met up with Masuda, and he passed them to me."

"You’re sure this shit is legit?"

"Massu wouldn’t give me bad information, Akanishi, unlike some of your connections."

"Fuck you," said Jin, without any heat, "guess I better go call up Pi. If they never caught us because we were allowed to walk out we’ve got a fucking problem. I’m not waking up to a gun in my face or fucking Subaru using his mind control bullshit on me."

"Keep me in the loop," Nakamaru said, finally.

"…maybe it’s because of Nino," said Yamapi, voice hushed over the radio, "he and Kame—"

"What about Kame," Jin said, "what’s that mean. Ninomiya and… and Kame?"

"They’re—" Yamapi sighed, audibly, "I don’t know what’s going on. I think—I think they have a deal or something."

"Kamenashi," Jin called, "I need to talk to you."

"We’re all teammates here, Akanishi," Kame said, "go ahead."

"No," snapped Jin, "alone."

Koki had a coin between his fingers; the metal melted over his knuckles when he flexed his fingers, and he blinked blearily up at Jin. "What’s up, Akanishi~?" he called.

"Just—Kame—I need to talk to you. Now."

Kame passed the map to Ueda and followed him down the hall.

Ironically, the one room in their whole base where Junno’s water powers wouldn’t let him eavesdrop on every word they said was the boiler room—"too much water, too much heat, everything’s always moving," Junno had admitted, "can’t get a good reading."

"What’s this deal with Ninomiya."

"What… deal with Ninomiya?" Kame blinked. Jin had to hand it to him; he’d learned to bluff really well since days of bad lying in the dorms.

"Kamenashi, what’s this deal with Ninomiya."

"There is no deal with Ninomiya—" Kame grunted when Jin shoved him. Jin’s fingers crackled with electricity.

"Kamenashi—Kame—Kame—I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re protecting but god damn it if you’re fucking with us we deserve to know, you—"

"We smuggle people out of the dorms," Kame blurted, "we—I give Nino a cut of my stuff from raids and he does the legwork to help people out, and then the two of us meet up and I walk people through walls. Okay?"

"Are you fucking stupid?" Jin hissed, "going back there?! Talking to people from there?! You’re asking to get us caught!"

"No! No see that’s it, Arashi’s responsible for catching us but—they’re protecting us. Somehow."

"What the flying fuck is even going on any more," Jin breathed, "why does Pi know about this, then?"

Kame colored. "Pi—Pi put us into contact with each other after we fought NEWS in the Atrium."

The scar running the length of Jin’s back ached with the word—he still didn’t know if he’d ever be able to forgive Tegoshi for that fall.

"While I was out, you mean," he clarified.

"Yes, while you were… out," Kame agreed, because he was still too afraid to say ‘while you were in a fucking coma and Koki was putting you back together’.

Jin snorted. "So, what, Nakamaru’s papers about the Agency just letting us walk out are fake?"

"What papers," asked Kame, brow furrowing, "what do you mean—Jin. Jin where are you going?"


"Ah, Akanishi," said Nakamaru, and stilled when he saw Jin’s face. The reason he stayed in the draftiest damn room in the entire city became clear when the wind began to whip up the covers to the bed.

"What’s really going on?" asked Jin.

Nakamaru bit at his lip, thinking. "They want out. NEWS."

"Anyone with a brain wants out, the old man’s gone crazy," Jin answered, rolling his eyes.

"No, they—they’re planning to leave."

"They wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to the old man—they didn’t do it when he kicked Uchi and Notti out, did they, never mind that whole mess with Jimmy and Toma and Kazapon!"

"Jin," said Nakamaru, "we’ve already set a plan into motion."

"So you had me running around investigating bullshit for no reason?"

"No. We—we’re not alone any more, you know? It’s not just KAT-TUN that wants to fix the city. But I had to be sure."

"We’re not gonna be able to fix the city with Agency still breathing down everybody’s necks, stealing kids with powers and locking them up and turning them into killing machines—"

"What do you think we’re all trying to do?! You’ve been ignoring the hints, Akanishi—"

Jin’s radio crackled to life at his waist. "Guys?" Junno sounded worried—"Kanjani is here and—ow, that hurt, damn it Murakami’s evaporating all of my traps—they’re not friendly! I repeat, hostiles are in the compound!"

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