Jul. 22nd, 2010 10:35 pm
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SO [livejournal.com profile] gekidasa AND I ARE WATCHING DEN-O.

I've already seen it (twice) and Mura's been through the first 20 or something but it's been so long for her we're starting from the beginning. We're watching 8 episodes a week for the next 6 weeks, and 9 in the final week so that we can be done with it before Ooze begins. We're doing discussion posts and I'm going to be trying really hard to do episode recaps / spoilery-discussions if there's anyone else re-watching with me. If you plan on joining us, a comment so that I have an excuse to randomly spam you would be A++ :3

We'd love it if anyone who wanted to re-watch / has never watched it / has no desire to re-watch but likes to talk about it would join in with us :D :D :D

Crossposting to [livejournal.com profile] kamenrider later~ and done!

To reiterate!

Come watch with us or Hana will hurt you. :D
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This entry is basically me throwing up every sentai drabble I have lying around, and was in fact entirely motivated by [livejournal.com profile] gekidasa and I talking about there not being enough fic in toku and how we needed more fic about the gay that is Gunpei/Hanto :D

...I like really long and/or lame titles, so be warned! :D;;

title: Sit down, you're rocking the RV
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: r~hazy nc-17?
characters/pairings: Gunpei/Hanto
summary: Gunpei is awfully concerned with appearances after spending all of that time fantasizing about Hanto in a dress.
notes: This is post-series, so everybody's packed on the Ginjiro :D;;
notes: I hereby dedicate this to [livejournal.com profile] gekidasa, whether she wants it or not :D;;

I for one think Ren is a trooper. )

title: In which Umeko is a weapon of murder
series: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
rating: pg
characters/pairings: Sen-chan/Umeko
summary: Almost is too close.
notes: probably post-series but it doesn't really matter~

well that can't be comfortable )

title: Houka has no danger radar, really
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger / Mahou Sentai Magiranger
rating: g, unless Miu being her usual self bumps it up somehow?
characters/pairings: Houka Hiroto, Miu, Tsubasa, Makito, mention of Kai but I don't think I ever let him speak :D;;
summary: Houka had better be very very thankful Miu doesn't actually know magic.
notes: Post-series for both, no spoilers, but technically it's AU?

Hide, inspiring mildly inappropriate stirrings of 'ANIKI!' since 2006 )

title: Sousuke, he's going to make you change the diapers
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: A happy C! For Christmas! ...I mean, G. :D
characters/pairings: Aaaall the Go-ongers, but no pairings :D
summary: Hiroto gets stuck with all the shitty jobs. Literally, in some cases.
notes: set any time post-episdode 41 (the alien baby episode)

would it be merry christmas or ho ho ho? )

title: All kinds of silly scrapes
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: PG~? Maybe G.
pairings/characters: Just the original trio!
summary: Sousuke is a squirmer, Ren has learned.
notes: set post-series. also, I HATE SPEECH PATTERNS. Originally Buson was in this but then I cut him out because I'm terrible at writing the Engines.

Saki is like every kind of awesome )

title: Second shift
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: G, maybe PG?
characters/pairings: mostly Ren and Hiroto, but Buson gets a pair of lines.
summary: Somebody has to bring in enough money for eggs, right?
notes: Because the invisible chicken problem bothers me :V uhhh I kind of ship Hiroto/Ren (blame stuff like this :D;;) so this seemed a little bit shippy to me, but ymmv~ post-series, I have a whole little universe being born at this rate >/
notes 2: I'm kinda worried about this one, because it might be misconstrued as some sort of Ren is a ~weak uke type~ thing that is a) totally not true and b) totally not what I'm going for. This is kinda cut from something I've abandoned but didn't want to let go to waste because I like the scene.
notes 3: things like this make me want to write about color dynamics but I think I'm going to make a Shirogane post instead :D

why yes Ren is my favorite how did you know? )

title: Of missing le tour Eiffel and red-bowed white cats dressed in shiny golden jackets
series: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger / Kamen Rider Kabuto / GARO
characters/pairings: Takeru, Genta, Chiaki, Mitsuki Kaoru, and mentions of Tendou Souji, DaiGoyou, Jii, and Mako. maybe kind of Takeru/Genta but only because Chiaki kinda ships it.
rating: PG, for CRIMINAL ACTS.
summary: Poor, poor Takeru.

poor, poor takeru )

I have some more Deka to post (Doggy/Swan ftw), some Magi (Hikaru/Urara, maybe something about Tsubasa?) some Aba (Yukito and Mai), and a bunch of crap about Gaoranger >3 and maybe some pre-series W :U (and maybe I'll actually make good on that Shinji stuff I meant to put together coherently! ...maybe!)


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