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This entry is basically me throwing up every sentai drabble I have lying around, and was in fact entirely motivated by [ profile] gekidasa and I talking about there not being enough fic in toku and how we needed more fic about the gay that is Gunpei/Hanto :D

...I like really long and/or lame titles, so be warned! :D;;

title: Sit down, you're rocking the RV
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: r~hazy nc-17?
characters/pairings: Gunpei/Hanto
summary: Gunpei is awfully concerned with appearances after spending all of that time fantasizing about Hanto in a dress.
notes: This is post-series, so everybody's packed on the Ginjiro :D;;
notes: I hereby dedicate this to [ profile] gekidasa, whether she wants it or not :D;;

It's hard to have sex on the Ginjiro; there are five other people, twelve Engine souls, and a navigation robot all cramped up in their space, and Hanto and Gunpei are already in an awkward spot to begin with, on the floor right in front of the curtain to the 'girls' territory'.

That doesn't stop them from trying, of course. Right now they're trying to master the art of creative blanket placement, and Hanto's taking his sweet-ass time doing, well, anything, his laughter in Gunpei's ear when he hisses to hurry it up Ren is going to notice almost enough to make Gunpei forget the whole stealth plan and attack. Finally Hanto's fingers trail across Gunpei's forearm, playing with the hem of Gunpei's t-shirt and curling around the back of his neck, rubbing into the ends of his hair, before there is a slight movement, a push and a slide, and Gunpei almost hits the back of his head on the floor as he kisses Hanto to cover a mutual moan.

Hanto breath on his neck makes Gunpei gasp, and Hanto presses his advantage triumphantly, fingers moving up through Gunpei's hair and messing with his perfectly coiffed 'do (you're going to bed, Gunpei! So? What if we have to get up and fight a Bankiju? And you make fun of Saki…) just to get Gunpei's eyes to flash dangerously at him in that way that makes shivers run down his spine and settle like electricity inside him (or maybe that's… yeah, that's… yeah). Gunpei delivers, as usual, so Hanto rewards him with a roll of his hips.

All of Gunpei's blabbering about 'careful blanket placement' and 'not looking like we just did it' come to naught, of course, when Hanto has to use his shirt to clean himself off. Ren picks it up and gracefully avoids mentioning the topic when he goes to do laundry; only Gunpei is convinced he missed it.

title: In which Umeko is a weapon of murder
series: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
rating: pg
characters/pairings: Sen-chan/Umeko
summary: Almost is too close.
notes: probably post-series but it doesn't really matter~

"Umeko," mumbled Sen, pulling his face away from her shoulder, "I'm fine."

Umeko looked down, puffing her cheeks out in a pout whose caliber Sen had rarely seen before.

"You almost died," she mumbled, pulling back and looking pointedly at his left shoulder, swathed in bandages, "if that stone had fallen any farther left you'd be…" she trailed off, sniffling loudly.

Sen winced. "Umeko, don't cry," he said, weakly, the hand on his good arm curling around her wrist. He jockeyed his bad arm around her waist and squeezed his fingers in as close to an embrace as he was able to manage.

Umeko wailed once, loudly, before she threw her arms around his neck and pulled his face back to her shoulder.

Somehow he wasn't sure death by suffocation was a good follow-up to having a building collapse on you, but as long as it made Umeko stop crying...

title: Houka has no danger radar, really
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger / Mahou Sentai Magiranger
rating: g, unless Miu being her usual self bumps it up somehow?
characters/pairings: Houka Hiroto, Miu, Tsubasa, Makito, mention of Kai but I don't think I ever let him speak :D;;
summary: Houka had better be very very thankful Miu doesn't actually know magic.
notes: Post-series for both, no spoilers, but technically it's AU?

"Hiroto-san~~" chirped the pinkest magician Miu had ever seen. Hiroto didn't appear to enjoy Houka's constant presence terribly much, but he continued to allow it (which was enough to make Miu unhappy).

"Houka-chan," he greeted, allowing her to flutter close and chatter away while her brothers (and Miu) glared.

After a moment, an idea formed.

"Makito-san," she said, sidling toward the trio of bad-tempered-looking brothers of the Ozu clan, and beamed up at the long-haired Magician of the Green.

"A-Ah, yes, Miu-san," he greeted nervously (Hiroto was making a terrifying face at him).

"I say it's high time your sister and my brother learned the fine art of 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'," she said, firmly, "Ren's repairs will be done very soon, and then we're off, you know."

Tsubasa leaned back against the fireplace. "You're jealous," he accused flatly.

"Well of course I am," said Miu, nodding, "Ani is my partner! And Toripter's."

"Has anyone ever told you that that's kind of creepy?" muttered Tsubasa.

As Miu stalked off, she wondered why they'd ever come to Magic World in the first place.

title: Sousuke, he's going to make you change the diapers
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: A happy C! For Christmas! ...I mean, G. :D
characters/pairings: Aaaall the Go-ongers, but no pairings :D
summary: Hiroto gets stuck with all the shitty jobs. Literally, in some cases.
notes: set any time post-episdode 41 (the alien baby episode)

"It's not funny," said Hiroto, flatly, shifting his arm awkwardly.

"No, not funny at all," agreed Ren dutifully, cutting up an old t-shirt to use as a blanket (their heater was out until someone--read, Sousuke--could get around to fixing it).

The rest were not so kind; Sousuke was already loudly wondering where they could buy diapers, just to be obnoxious, and even Miu's lips were quirked into a smile at her beloved older brother. Gunpei and Hanto were currently in the midst of an attempt at singing Christmas songs to the toddler clinging to Hiroto's Go-on Gold jacket (Carrigator was trying to sing along), and Saki was trying to figure out how their 'newest member''s dimension-crossing Christmas bag worked.

The kid started howling again; Hiroto smiled awkwardly and managed a weak 'Merry Christmas!' to try and cheer him up (which sent Sousuke back into hysterics, of course).

Ren patted Hiroto's shoulder briskly. At least now they had formula!

title: All kinds of silly scrapes
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: PG~? Maybe G.
pairings/characters: Just the original trio!
summary: Sousuke is a squirmer, Ren has learned.
notes: set post-series. also, I HATE SPEECH PATTERNS. Originally Buson was in this but then I cut him out because I'm terrible at writing the Engines.

"Just hold still for a minute, Sousuke!" Ren finally snapped, cleaning the long but thankfully not serious wound from a lucky hit that had caught Sousuke in the shoulder. There were better times than during lunch for a firefight between citizens to break out, he decided, and definitely better people to hit than squirmy Sousuke. Gunman World was less perilous than he'd initially anticipated, thankfully, but it wasn't without its dangers even without the Bankiju attacking them.

"Owowowowow," hissed Sousuke, trying to move away. Ren finally managed to get all of the dirt out and dropped the cotton balls into the trash before grabbing the bandages.

"Stop being such a baby, Sousuke," scolded Saki, poking at the scrape on her elbow with a frown.

"Stop being such a baby, Sousuke," Sousuke mimicked, and Ren tugged the bandage a little tighter than was probably necessary in response. When Sousuke turned to look at him, he returned the glance severely.

"Arghhhh!" grumbled Sousuke, "couldn't they have waited until after lunch?! Now I'm mach hungry!"

Ren sighed. "Just as soon as I clean up," he said, waving his hand at the instruments of torture components of their first aid kit vaguely, "I'll make an omelet for you."

"Me too!" declared Saki, pulling her coat back on and bounding after Sousuke. "Come on, Sousuke, smile, smile! Are you going to let one silly little bullet get you down~?"

"Of course not!" roared Sousuke, and he seemed in higher spirits as they left the bus, presumably to clean up the mess that was the lawn.

title: Second shift
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: G, maybe PG?
characters/pairings: mostly Ren and Hiroto, but Buson gets a pair of lines.
summary: Somebody has to bring in enough money for eggs, right?
notes: Because the invisible chicken problem bothers me :V uhhh I kind of ship Hiroto/Ren (blame stuff like this :D;;) so this seemed a little bit shippy to me, but ymmv~ post-series, I have a whole little universe being born at this rate >/
notes 2: I'm kinda worried about this one, because it might be misconstrued as some sort of Ren is a ~weak uke type~ thing that is a) totally not true and b) totally not what I'm going for. This is kinda cut from something I've abandoned but didn't want to let go to waste because I like the scene.
notes 3: things like this make me want to write about color dynamics but I think I'm going to make a Shirogane post instead :D

"I'm home," reported Ren quietly, slipping into Ginjiro. He was greeted by a sleeping team, and all available space on the floor occupied. He sighed, creeping over Gunpei and Hanto piled on the floor, past Sousuke on the couch, and slipped into the back, where Miu and Saki had declared dominion. He adjusted Miu's blanket, which was falling off of the extra cot to the floor, and patted Bomper's head as he hauled out the toolbox. He had work to do, the Kankan Rod had suffered some heavy damage in their last big battle and needed some repairs. Hiroto did what he could, but most of his attention was on developing new weapons under Bowhale's instruction, and Sousuke was busy keeping Ginjiro working a bit longer.

Hiroto had apparently woken up at some point, because he turned his head and nodded to Ren from the passenger seat. Ren slid into the driver's seat and pushed the seat back with practiced ease, perching the toolbox on his knee and hefting the Kankan Rod. "Sousuke, why are you never careful," murmured Ren fondly, working on removing the side panel to get at the Engine soul interface.

"Ren," whined Buson, from his pocket, "you need to go to bed, not work more, on on!"

"Just as soon as I finish this, Buson," replied Ren patiently, continuing his work.

"You took out three Bankiju!"

"…you took out three Bankiju?" asked Hiroto sharply.

Ren frowned momentarily at his jacket pocket. "Just average ones," he reassured Hiroto, continuing his work, "and it was an accident, they were outside the diner. They had some Bikkurium, I left it in the back."

Normally Hiroto would be overjoyed that his newest project (using Bikkurium in their weaponry to up the ante against their enemies) could continue swimmingly. Instead…"you didn't think to call anyone?" He seemed upset.

Ren blinked at him. "Sousuke would just get everyone all riled up over nothing," he answered, plainly.

Hiroto looked like he wanted to say something else, but he settled down, glaring at the dashboard as if it had done something to personally offend him. Ren, long used to Hiroto's moods by now, continued working.

It was some time later when he finally finished, yawning and rubbing at his eyes tiredly, and when he turned to put the toolbox down and get some rest, he realized Hiroto was still awake, eyes following Ren under the mass of his hair.

"Hiroto, you should sleep," said Ren, sighing.

Hiroto gave him that look he always gave him when he'd said something particularly ridiculous; Ren shrugged it off, since whenever they weren't talking shop he tended to get that look, and settled for trying to get in some sleep.

title: Of missing le tour Eiffel and red-bowed white cats dressed in shiny golden jackets
series: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger / Kamen Rider Kabuto / GARO
characters/pairings: Takeru, Genta, Chiaki, Mitsuki Kaoru, and mentions of Tendou Souji, DaiGoyou, Jii, and Mako. maybe kind of Takeru/Genta but only because Chiaki kinda ships it.
rating: PG, for CRIMINAL ACTS.
summary: Poor, poor Takeru.

The first three times Genta flew to Paris, he alternately overshot, undershot, and just plain got lost. Takeru very quickly got used to phone calls in the middle of the night--"Take-chan, Take-chan, how do I get to the Eiffel Tower from the Empire State Building?!" "Take-chan, why doesn't anyone in Germany speak French?" "Take-chan, I think I messed up these directions, how do I walk from Normandy to Paris?"--and after assuring Jii that no, Genta wasn't dead or, worse, dragging the name of the Shiba clan through every international airport from Narita to JFK, he usually managed to get things sorted out (if by 'sorted out' one meant 'got Genta and DaiGoyou home as soon as possible with a minimum of property damage').

"So," said Takeru, sitting on a stool at Genta's sushi cart (the Kuroko would be taking it back to the mansion when Genta left), "are you sure you're going to be all right this time? No sleeping through the layover in Paris before the plane goes on to America? No getting off at the layover even though you were actually supposed to stay on? No taking the wrong train all the way out to Normandy?"

Genta nodded firmly, his face set and his eyes alight. He grinned broadly. "Don't worry, Take-chan, third time's the charm! Or, uh, fourth!" Takeru sighed. Well, he couldn't get much more wrong, right? ...right? He swallowed the last of his mouthful of sushi, and turned to get one final promise from Genta that he'd be okay--and Genta was gone. Well.

Takeru sat back down at the cart and took the next piece of sushi on his plate.


At nine o'clock at night, Takeru was usually in the midst of light training exercises to keep himself limber. His Shodophone sat on the deck while he sparred with an invisible opponent, and when it rang he nearly fell over in his haste to answer it.

"Genta?" he asked, "did you move into your apartment yet?"

"Huuuh?" drawled the voice on the other end of the line.

Takeru relaxed, momentarily. "Oh," he said, "Chiaki." Then he tensed up. Chiaki only ever called him for one reason--"how much do you need?"

"What? No no no, nothing like that," said Chiaki, sounding leisurely convincing for all of a minute, "Takeru, I, uh, need you to come down to the police station. With Jii-chan, preferably."

"You need me to--why do you need me to come down to the police station?"

Chiaki coughed, laughing nervously. "This policeman seems to think I'm smuggling drugs in this stuffed animal, y'see," he began.

"Stop, I'll be right there," said Takeru, cutting him off immediately. "...are you smuggling drugs in stuffed animals?"

"No!" answered Chiaki, sounding affronted, "I won that Hello Kitty fair and square! It took forever, too, I'm really bad at that darts game and it's expensive so I had to save up and fast from Tekken 6 for like a week and--"

Takeru hung up. "Jii," he called, standing.


Four hours later, during the walk back to the mansion, something finally occured to Takeru.

"Why did you have a giant Hello Kitty stuffed animal?" he asked, nervous about the answer.

Chiaki grinned, cheeky as always. "It was for you," he reported, "your house is so lonely without all of us in it~ I thought I'd dress it up like Gen-chan or something to keep you company!"

Takeru's likely violent response to that mental image was interrupted by his Shodophone ringing.

He checked the caller id first, this time--he didn't want to call Mako Genta again, that had resulted in five minutes of teasing--"Genta," he said, "I trust you made it to your apartment safely?"

"Noooot quite," answered a young-sounding feminine voice on the other end of the line.

"What do you mean not quite?" asked Takeru suspiciously, "and who is this?"

"My name's Mitsuki Kaoru," the woman introduced herself, "your friend appears to have confused his apartment number with mine."

Takeru groaned. "And here I thought he couldn't mess things up any more," he said.

"Clearly you don't know your friend very well, he's arguing with his paper lantern and asking me about sushi supplies as we speak," answered the woman, and all of a sudden Takeru could make out the faint cries of 'Oyabuuuun!' and' DaiGoyouuuu!' that heralded another of their tiffs.

"I sincerely apologize," he began, using as humble Japanese as he could manage (Chiaki started laughing at him halfway through the first word), "he's--stubborn."

"And energetic," agreed the woman, "I've called the apartment manager, we should have things sorted out soon enough! He's a very interesting young man, I think I'll paint him--I just thought I'd call you, he kept babbling about 'Take-chan's going to be happy with me' when he arrived--"

Takeru's lips quirked into a smile. Well, almost.

"At least he actually made it into Paris this time," he said, sighing, "thank you very much for looking after him. I'll call again when it's day time here."

"Oh, that's right, it's late, isn't it? Sorry! I'll tell him we spoke."

Takeru hung up the phone, and ignored Jii and Chiaki smirking at him.


"You talked to Take-chan and you didn't tell me?!" squawked Genta.

"You were trying to start a wrestling match with the lantern, I didn't want to interrupt," answered Kaoru defensively.

"This is your fault!" accused Genta, getting into (another) staring match with DaiGoyou.

Kaoru groaned. This was not how she'd intended to spend her afternoon! She glanced at the blobs slowly taking the shape of the arguing odd-couple across the counter from her, though, and smiled. It had been a while since she'd painted something this lively. Probably since--Tendou-san!

Kaoru's eyes lit up. "Genta-kun," she said, pleasantly, "there's someone I think you should go visit!"

Genta's grin was basically the brightest thing she'd ever seen. "Who?" he asked.

"His name is Tendou Souji-kun, he lives upstairs!"

I have some more Deka to post (Doggy/Swan ftw), some Magi (Hikaru/Urara, maybe something about Tsubasa?) some Aba (Yukito and Mai), and a bunch of crap about Gaoranger >3 and maybe some pre-series W :U (and maybe I'll actually make good on that Shinji stuff I meant to put together coherently! ...maybe!)
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