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Ooooh, RPS. 's been a while since I wrote any of that, right? XD

Title: The Landick Power of Rock is no match for 'GRACIAS!'
Author: kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
Rating: PG-13 for implications of sex
Warnings: Daisuke is a Grumpy Old Man, Yun is Evil, Ryu/Mirai is Daisuke's OTP besides DaiMao, and the Tensouder is used for nefarious purposes. Also, sorry for making fun of you, KenKen! XD
Characters/Pairings: Hamao Kyosuke, Watanabe Daisuke, Aniki, Roku, Ono Kento, Some Nameless Chick / DaiMao and apparently the cast of Goseiger/Mao?
Summary: Poor Ono. Watanabe Daisuke's imagination runs wild, Roku still hates Daisuke, and Aniki is surrounded by people who do not understand the plight that is his life. Or something.
Notes: Your birthday fic got tossed in favor of this, Ginnie :/ It was like a fungus. Kind of like Daisuke's stupid hairstyles? It ate everything else I tried to write! XD;; The Aniki parts are for you, though ♥ ALSO IT IS REALLY WEIRD TO RPS!SHIP PEOPLE YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE, EVEN JUST FOR LULZ. Am I breaking a friend code by writing you into this, Ginnie? XDDDDDD

Hamao flopped on Daisuke's bed, opening and closing the mouth of his brand new Tensouder toy so the noises echoed throughout the room.

"Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Got--"

"HAMAO," snarled Daisuke, from the other side of the bed, wrapped up in the blankets and looking like every bit like the grumpy old man trying to take a nap that he was.

"Daaaaaaisuke, this is boring," complained Hamao, "you're the one who insisted I come over and enjoy the third episode of my tokusatsu in 'the pure state in which it is meant to be enjoyed', whatever that means, and I ran over here just to find you'd set the episode to tape and plan to watch it, like, after two in the afternoon! That's basically a crime in toku-land!"

"You're too peppy, it is nine in the morning and I am sitting her seething with rage at your suit actor," complained Daisuke, pulling the blankets over his head.


"He's all--touchy with Ono's! Tell him to stop that! Better yet, you stop it, you're the one causing all of this shipping. YUN KEEPS LINKING ME TO ALL OF THESE IMAGES ON PIXIV TO MAKE ME MAD."

"I am not, we're just friends! Of the man-handling and fist-fighting kind! Like... like... Ryu and Mirai in Ultraman Mebius!"

"Have you seen what the fangirls say about Ryu and Mirai?!"

Hamao slid the Tensouder open and closed a few more times in retaliation for those mental images, and Daisuke groaned, pushing the covers off of his head and rolling over to glare at Hamao. "When you get all chummy with him like that on screen, do you know how worried I get about you---turning into KenKen or something?!"

Hamao laughed. "Do you know how much of a social whore I would have to be?" he asked, reaching up and knotting his fingers in Daisuke's hair for a moment, pulling their foreheads together and resisting the urge to noogie the crap out of him. He settled for shoving him out of the bed and grinning down at him over the side.

Daisuke rolled over, groaning, and gave Hamao his best 'I am totally a badass and you will do as I say' look (which of course failed miserably). When Hamao's face was joined by the Tensouder, though, Daisuke reacted immediately, sitting up and wrestling the Tensouder from Hamao's hands. He put it (carefully) in the side table's drawer, next to his collection of Ultraman figures and atop his Guys jacket, and slammed the drawer closed. Hamao looked pouty, sitting up and glaring at Daisuke under his currently quite-messy mop of hair.

It was Daisuke's turn to laugh, as he leaned over Hamao, his fingers stealing to the sipper on the black Landick jacket Hamao constantly wore these days. "Get me one," he ordered, sliding the zipper up and down, "that way we can match and Ono can scowl."

Hamao rolled his eyes. "Ono doesn't care," he whined, "and sure, there's a large pink jacket at the studio I could have 'property of Hamao Kyosuke' stitched onto!"

Daisuke sputtered, and then settled for the easiest solution, pulling off that Landick jacket and then going for everything else.


Hamao wandered back into the house late that afternoon, a bounce back in his step and the Goesiger Ending Theme playing under his breath. He greeted his parents with a jaunty wave, fiddling with his cell phone to see if Daisuke had texted him his usual 'Did you get home safe? Call me later!' song and dance. Nothing yet; Hamao shrugged, and leaned down to scoop up a put-out looking, mewling Roku and cuddle the cat for a moment. Roku squirmed a bit, and Hamao let him go to greet his favorite Aniki. He knocked twice, lightly, and leaned inside.

Oh, Aniki was buuuusy. He smirked at his brother when he turned around, trying to block Hamao's view of his foreign fangirl in the Skype window. "Anikiiii," whined Hamao.

"Go away," hissed his brother, "I'm busy!"

Busy trying to go from 'student-teacher relationship' to 'long-distance relationship'! Hamao laughed at his brother as he closed the door.

Suddenly a thought occured to him, and he dug through his jacket pockets for his phone.

'Kento-- if you randomly get any death threats from Dai-chan, ignore them. He's just being a dumbass ^__^;; <3 --Mao'

Three minutes later, a buzzing across his desk as he put the last touches on his weekend's homework--'thanks for the advance warning -__-; he sent about five 'STOP BEING SHIPPY WITH MAO' notices before I threatened to tell Kane-chan on him D: --Kento'--made Hamao scowl, and message Daisuke informing him in no uncertain terms that there would be no bloejobs in a certain idiot's future if he kept threatening poor Kento who was totally harmless, seriously.


Daisuke came by to beg forgiveness visit Hamao two days later, looking suitably contrite and offering an apology in the form of their now-matching Seaick phone straps. Hamao took his, then wound their fingers together, the little mini-Hydes stuck between them, and grinned up at Daisuke. "See, we're like a perfect little family~ me, the daddy, and Daisuke the mommy, and our little babies~"

Daisuke looked put out, and settled for pushing Hamao up against the inner side of his bedroom door and kissing him senseless. Roku could be heard outside the door, yowling about that stupid human Daisuke's presence in the house, and Daisuke looked up from kissing his way down Hamao's neck long enough to complain that he 'hated that damn cat', as he always did. Hamao sighed, shifting under Daisuke's hands, and murmured, "well, someone has to hate you now that Aniki's sufficiently distracted, right~?"

Daisuke grinned goofily at that. "Thank whatever god there is for English lessons," he said, very seriously, before the pair of them burst into laughter.


It was only after Daisuke left that Hamao realized he still had that Tensouder.

Oh well, there was always next week! :D


"Oh no, my Hyde strap is broken," complained Hamao, toying with the head (which had been somehow seperated from its body and was now hanging morbidly off of the end of Hamao's phone).

Across the room, Roku licked a stripe up his arm, as if he were quite pleased with himself.

That was dumb! :D But it was fun, so whatever~
Jesus Christ the cat is a character now D: between that and the Aniki/Ginnie I am reaching new levels of LOSER.
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