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title: Tense.
author: Kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
rating: r, for concepts
pairing: Watanabe Daisuke / Hamao Kyousuke, Kato Keisuke / Yanagashita Tomo / Takiguchi Yukihiro [/ Seto Koji]
summary: In which Furukawa Yuuta is the best relationship counselor ever, Hamao Kyousuke takes the damn initiative, Takiguchi Yukihiro is some kind of super-spy, and all in all everyone is dumb. ♥
notes: I wanted to write get togethers? *shrug* and dumb. Oh, boys. <3


"Why the hell didn't you audition for Takumi? I wouldn't feel bad molesting you!" wailed Watanabe, collapsing on on himself atop the table in the center of the Seigaku dressing room.

"Because I was simply not interested," answered Furukawa mildly, fussing with his hair in the mirror.

Watanabe groaned. "I'm going to hell, Yun. I'm going to lie on top of him, and I'm going to get--and he's going to feel--and it's going to be the most awkward thing ever. And then he's never going to speak to me again and how the hell am I supposed to act with him if we're not speaking because I want to have sex with him all night long and he doesn't even know what sex is?!"

Furukawa rolled his eyes. "Oh, stop it with the histrionics, Daisuke," he said, "it's not going to be anything like that."

After all, Furukawa had given Hamao the sex talk months ago.


"H-he had ahard-on, Yuuta-san," said Hamao, his eyes very round.

Furukawa rubbed his temples wearily. "That...happens, sometimes, Mao-chan, especially when the guy likes you."

Hamao nodded amiably. "True," he said. Then he smiled sheepishly, "...I had one, too, but I don't think he noticed."

Furukawa sighed. "Seriously, just jump him. There's no point in trying to avoid this anymore. I seriously don't think Daisuke thinks you masturbate, Mao-chan."

Hamao blinked again. "Wait, really?" he said, "he's not that old, he must remember being a teenager!"

Furukawa shrugged. "Daisuke's a dumbass, you're going to have to show him you're not a kid any more."

Hamao nodded firmly.


Takiguchi looked around and answered his phone in a hushed voice. "Hey, Tomo," he greeted, grinning.

Takiguchi could hear Yanagashita's smile. "How's filming?" he asked casually.

"Awkward," answered Takiguchi, watching Hamao try to sit next to Watanabe and Watanabe twitching away. The tension in the air was palpable.

"Really?" asked Yanagashita curiously.

"Think you and Keisuke at first, only about five times worse. Dai-chan has a guilt complex because he thinks Mao-chan is too young to be thinking about sex or something. I don't know about him, but at seventeen I was thinking about sex pretty much all the time."

"Oh, dear," said Yanagishita, "...KEISUKE, GET OFF---no, I am not talking to Setomaru, no I will not give you a blowjob--what the hell, Kato Keisuke, you get away---mmmph!"

Takiguchi laughed, low and amused. He imagined Kato wrestling Yanagishita to the floor and removing the phone from his position. He was probably sitting on him.

"Hi, Takki," said Kato from the other end, "are you doing anything right now?"

"No," answered Takiguchi.

"You may want to go somewhere private, then, and tell me exactly what you're wearing," purred Kato.

Takiguchi rushed for the nearest bathroom. Phone-sex with Kato and Yanagishita was too good of an opportunity to pass up.


Hamao saw Takiguchi leave from his crappy spying position out of the corner of his eyes. Good, he decided. He could tell that Watanabe had no idea what to do with himself now that they were alone in the room and on break while the others shot scenes. So, Hamao crept closer. Watanabe, typing furiously on his cell phone, didn't even notice until Hamao's hands settled on the top of his head. Watanabe looked up curiously.

"Mao-chan?" he asked.

Hamao smiled, and straddled Watanabe's lap unceremoniously. Watanabe flailed until Hamao wiggled just the right way, and he froze, his hands still in the air. "Ummmmm..." he managed.

Hamao grabbed his hands and settled them roughly on his back.

"Dai-chan," he said seriously.


"I'm about to kiss you. Please be ready for it," said Hamao sweetly, and tilted his head to touch their lips together.


Takiguchi, sated and smiling lazily, glanced inside the dressing room, and stopped. He whipped out his phone and texted Yanagishita furiously.

'We're good~ They're kissing in the dressing room right now~'

His phone vibrated a moment later. He flipped it open, and laughed.

'Takki, what the hell did these guys do while I was gone? They're passed out on the couch! --Setomaru'
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