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This fic was one of my drafts for [ profile] jerainbowbridge that never made it completion. I told [ profile] rockthecliche I'd post some Junno/Ryo, though, so. This is about 1600 words, incomplete in all forms of the words, and I'm not totally happy with it. Crit is welcome! I don't know how I feel about this Ryo. Also includes Akanishi+Nakamaru and vague Junno+People. PG-13. :)

"Yo, Ryo, what'd I do last night?" asks Jin, when he sees him that morning.

Ryo, in between sips of espresso, shrugs. "Nothing you've never done before," he reports.

Jin looks relieved. "I didn't say anything weird?" he asks.

"No, didn't I just say that?"

"Fucking Taguchi," grouses Jin.

Ryo raises an eyebrow.

"He told me I drunk-dialed Nakamaru," Jin says, and then, when Ryo laughs, "quit it it's not funny!"

The anonymous text message from earlier (Play along!) occurs to Ryo, and he takes a moment to applaud Junno's genius. "Wait, drunk-dialing Nakamaru is weird? You do that all the time!"

"I what?!" squawks Jin.

Ryo is very, very glad that Jin is gullible. "Last week you left him this tearful voicemail about wishing gay marriage were legal here," he reposts.

Jin looks pale. "Damn it!"

As he flees to go do damage control, Ryo resolves to buy Junno an espresso.


Ryo picks up the ringing of his phone without even looking (it's the shrill even noises of his company phone, not the heavy bass line of his personal).

"Ryo~~chan," chirps Junno.

"Shut up, Taguchi," Ryo says automatically, "what the hell do you want?"

"You have some free time tonight?" asks Junno; Ryo can hear that golden retriever grin over the line.

Ryo's eyes flick over his schedule. "Yeah," he admits, uneasily, "where do you want to go?"

Junno rattles off the name of a billiards place they've been to before. Ryo knows that means Junno has something to bitch about. In all the years Ryo's known him, Junno only really ever got mean with a cue in his hands and his eyes settled on the line of a shot (usually because Ryo's baited him, but then what else are friends for? Nobody can be happy all the time, right?). Junno always seems… better afterward.

"Yeah," says Ryo, "we'll take my car." And that's that.


Well, no, of course that's not that. It turns out Junno had invited Ryo because he needed the ego boost only a sound trouncing could give him. Ryo doesn't really appreciate being used as a stress ball, but Junno's hair falls gently over his eyes in just that right way, and his smile isn't as hard-edged as it was when they walked in, so he's a little distracted.

"I can't believe you invited me out just so you could kick my ass at pool," says Ryo, all bluster and whiskey shots as he tries to straighten up and sit on a bar stool.

"I didn't," says Junno, sounding wounded, "I want you to help me!"

"Help you with what?" Ryo asks. He eyes Junno suspiciously and shifts uncomfortably in his suddenly tighter jeans, while his brain offers excellent but entirely inappropriate suggestions.

"I need revenge on Akanishi-kun," says Junno, grinning widely.


"He hid my PSP," says Junno darkly, "and, besides, someone needs to set him up with Nakamaru!"

"He hid your PSP… why?"

"Someone stole his extra phone and he thinks it was me," says Junno, sighing dramatically.

"…did you?"

"No, of course not!" says Junno obnoxiously, swaying his head back and forth and smiling innocently. Somehow he looks every inch the ruthless mastermind he is.

"That's not convincing at all," Ryo informs him, then, "all right. Fine."

Junno leans over, resting his hand on Ryo's shoulder, gently. He brushes a smile against Ryo's ear, his fingers dancing over the line of Ryo's shoulders and up, winding gently through the hairs at the nape of his neck. Ryo shivers. As suddenly as he drew close, Junno retreats again, digging through his pockets for Jin's phone. Obviously this means he has to rise, stretching, the hem of his dusty blue v-neck tugging up and showing off the plane of his stomach, the jut of his hipbones, for the whole place to see. Ryo isn't the only carefully averting his eyes when Junno finally produces Jin's old black cell phone.

Junno blinks when Ryo tosses half of his wallet on the bar and hauls him off. He smiles when Ryo hails a cab, when Ryo's fingers settle on his knee and his eyes flicker toward Junno's face the whole ride home.

He smiles when Ryo's fingers settle in his hair and he kisses him in the entryway to Ryo's apartment.


Junno rolls over, head pounding, gingerly avoiding the (now mostly dry) spot on the edge of the mattress after his hip presses into it. He hisses against the cold (and the stickiness) before he manages to look around for Ryo. He pokes, gently, at Ryo's cheek. "Ryo-chan," he says, fondly.

"Ryo~~~~~chan," he sing-songs, when there's no response besides a loud snore. Still nothing; he leans over and presses his lips to Ryo's pulse.

"Wa--oh, Taguchi."

"Ryo-chan," says Junno cheerily.

"Hi," greets Ryo, the way he always does on morning afters.

"Go~~~od morning," chirps Junno, the way he does for every morning after.

"Oh my god stop it I'm barely even hung over and I already want to kill you."

"All right, all right," says Junno, pleasantly, pulling away to fumble for Jin's phone.

"We get a response?" asks Ryo, gruffly, like he's not excited to find out.

"We did!" says Junno, brightly.


"…'Who is this'," says Junno, grinning sheepishly.

"Does he not have his number?!"

"People who only got two of their bandmates' numbers in the last month really shouldn't talk. Besides, this is his emergency backup phone."

Ryo grumbles half-heartedly about phones broken in unfortunate sake-chugging contests and then glances at his clock. "I have to be at work in two hours," he says, eventually.

"Thank god I've got the afternoon shift," Junno says pleasantly, tossing Jin's phone aside and tugging at the sheet about Ryo's waist.

Ryo makes it to work on time, but it's close.


"Taguchi, where is that phone," Jin complains again (he'd been doing it once every fifteen minutes, a limit ironically put on him by Nakamaru. who's hunched over a Water Treatment book).

"Akanishi-kun, you've always been pretty unreceptive to hearing no, but I don't have it," Junno says, remembering Ryo pocketing the phone with a grin on their way to work, plucking it right from Junno's hands and promising genius for the afternoon.

As if on cue, Nakamaru's phone buzzes--once, twice, on and on until Nakamaru is blinking at '14 Unread Messages'.

"Someone's popular for once," comments Jin.

Nakamaru spares him a moment of withering silence before he goes back to flicking through them; he colors more with each and every one.

"What?" asks Jin, impatient.

"Nakamaruuuuu," Junno chimes in.

"Shut up, both of you," Nakamaru grumbles, looking embarrassed.

"What was it?" Jin whines, pushing against the floor and realizing abruptly his chair doesn't have wheels. He scowls.

"Porn ads," Nakamaru finally says, in a very small voice.

Whatever Jin's about to say at that moment is interrupted by Koki crashing into the green room.


"I never knew you were so fond of purple prose, Ryo-chan," Junno says, his wicked smile cutting at the dark of the inside of Ryo's car, "'The Story of Nakamaru and Me' may be the cell phone novel's greatest achievement yet!"

"Damn right it is," says Ryo, smug smile tugging at his lips.

"Nakamaru looked really happy about his racy love letters."

"I'm a master of the sexy text message," answers Ryo, shifting against his seat, "besides, it's Nakamaru. It's not every day he gets a steamy series from somebody with one of the really old company addresses."

Junno hums in agreement, pulling out his PSP.

"I thought Akanishi took that."

"I couldn't have his phone if Nakamaru got the messages with me in the room, could I?"

"You're a bad man, taking advantage of Akanishi like that."

"It isn't my fault he only has one partner in crime! Some of us like to spread our resources around." Junno waggles his eyebrows suggestively, face lit up by the light from his console.

Ryo rolls his eyes. "I'm going to avoid thinking about that particular process."

"Whatever helps you sleep better at night," says Junno, dark eyes serious over the his PSP. Ryo stops, and they don't speak for a moment, until a blast of sound (the opening jingle to Crisis Core, probably) shocks them both. Junno flicks the sound off distractedly.

Ryo sits back, turning off the engine and flicking off the headlights, leaving the only illumination in the parking garage the play of colors across Junno's face. Ryo swallows.

"You said you didn't want to see anyone," Junno says, quietly.

"I know," Ryo says.

"What if I've changed my mind?"

"That's flattering, but it's not really your decision to make!"

"The hell it isn't!"

Junno turns off his PSP with a small snap and slides it into his bag. His eyes meet Ryo's eye, and when he leans over Ryo's eyes flutter shut; they open again when the car's engine rumbles to life.

"Be careful going home," Junno says, against Ryo's cheek.

Ryo's hand flies out; he catches Junno's fingers as he pulls away.

"Taguchi," he says, "…Junno."

Junno pulls his hand away, leaving Ryo with an empty car. "Ryo-chan," he echoes, and the nickname is all the distance between them. Ryo can't speak as Junno closes the door with a quiet click.

(This isn't really about Akanishi any more.)


Junno ignores his texts, his messages through Jin and Yamapi and Ohkura and even, once, Ueda, for the next three days. Yoko complains that Junno's started playing (and winning at) Monhan, Jin whines that about playing billiards until the wee hours of the morning, and Ryo has filming all night. He's spending his time trying to be Kudo, trying to grin easily and ask for kisses and forget his real life in the mystery of Joker.

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"Go~~~od morning," chirps Junno, the way he does for every morning after.

"Oh my god stop it I'm barely even hung over and I already want to kill you."



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