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Or, see Katie capitalize on Eito fandom seeing them for the first time and maybe snag them some fans.

If you're an Eito fan, you've probably seen talk of guesting on SCP with some band made of old guys named the Cro-Magnons. This is not the end all and be all of the Cro-Magnons as a pimp post; this is a rough primer to give you an idea of what you're missing. In any event, you'll come out of this knowing who's who!

The Cro-Magnons are a band with serious history. All four members--Komoto Hiroto, Mashima Masatoshi, Kobayashi Masaru, and Kirita Katsuji--are veterans of the Japanese rock scene. Most notable are Komoto and Mashima as members of Japanese punk rock legends The Blue Hearts and The High-Lows, active since 1985. Katsuji has similar cred, as member of Japanese thrash metal band Gargoyle, and Kobayashi is the current bassist for Malice Mizer's first vocalist Tetsu's solo band, nil, and a former member of glam rock group SADS. They formed in 2006, a year after the dissolution of the High-Lows; Mashima and Kimoto met Kobayashi and Katsuji through a sound engineer they had known since their Blue Hearts days. Anyway, onto member bios!

L to r: Komoto Hiroto, Mashima Masatoshi, Kobayashi Masaru, Kirita Katsuji

Born March 17, 1963 (48 Years Old) in Okayama.
So basically Kimoto is insane. Seriously. He's nuts. His trademark scratchy vocals are a perect match to the rough punk sound of the Cro-Magnons, and his energy is basically limitless. A friend who happened to see them live knew who he was because "oh he was the guy who pulled his pants down at us" which is pretty much par for the course. Komoto is a serious industry veteran, and as such he is batshit crazy.

Born February 20, 1962 (49) in Hina.
Oh man Mashima is awesome I mean look at how cool that bitch is up there. He is a sick, sick guitarist, and he is also crazy, but in a way that complements Komoto's particular personality instead of competing with it. His solo stuff is as awesome as their band stuff, by the way, you should listen to it. Also he has tons of headgear. Look at that headwrap and be jelly, bros.

ALL RIGHT SO THIS IS KIND OF SHAMEFUL BUT I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT KOBAYASHI AND KATSUJI. This isn't entirely my fault, though, they've always technically been support members or backband for their groups, but they go along with Komoto's, ah, personality quite well generally and they seem like cool dudes. Technically The Cro-Magnons is really formed from Komoto and Mashima, with Kobayashi and Katsuji as support members; they're both also very active with their respective groups, both of whom are active in their respective scenes.

Born December 9, 1967 (44) in Tokyo.
Kobayashi has worked with several other bands: pop group SOY SAUCE SONIX, V-Kei group SADS in its first configuration, tower, and Tetsu's solo project nil.

Born September 11, 1971 (40) in Osaka.
His Metal Encyclopedia page, which has a listing of his extensive musical cred
Katsuji was the drummer for heavy metal cover band for Animetal from 1997 until 2006. He has also done work with Kuroyume, Ys, VOLCANO, Shibata Naoto, and She-Ja.

Oh ma I love their music. My favorite single from them is Eight Beat because it's fun to sing along to (much like LINDA LINDA, lol) but they are all awesome ♥________♥. They have six albums out as of last week.

10.25.2006, The Cro-Magnons
09.12.2007, Cave Party
10.15.2008, Fire Age
10.28.2009, Mondo Roccia
11.10.2010, Oi! Um bobo
01.18.2012, Ace Rocker
Mediafire Folder

So, in summary: become a fan you will not regret this as a life choice!!!!!!!

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Date: 2012-01-28 04:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] spurious
lol so i first learned of them after going to karaoke with some of the teachers from my school, during which we got extremely drunk and a bunch of them sang linda linda. singing along with it was so fun that the next day i looked it up, which led me to the blue hearts and subsequently the cro-magnons and the awesomeness that is eight beat. BUT ANYWAY YES, THANKS FOR THE MUSIC :D

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Date: 2012-01-28 04:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] basil_ovelby
"A friend who happened to see them live knew who he was because 'oh he was the guy who pulled his pants down at us'"
And he's only the third dude's dick I've seen in real life. He should feel privileged.
But man he is skinny. I wonder how he survives. Or maybe he just has a super-advanced metabolism.


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Date: 2012-01-28 04:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] basil_ovelby

well considering how much he contorts and spazzes all over the stage it's probably a good thing no matter the reason trolol


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