Dec. 30th, 2011

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final 2011 word counts omg!!!! )

2011 TOTAL PUBLISHED: ~156,355
2011 WIP TOTAL: 55,159

Jeeeeesus I wrote like three times as much I wrote last year sdlfjkfdgnofdgjifd
i failed at Nano again but I have a lot of great ideas for it and I am not giving up on getting it done I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT OK
and then of course there's traveling band au, which, no lie, is about half of that WIP word count lmao oh god why

My favorite story this year (of my own): Slow Circle, One More Month to Eternity. Slow Circle is just such a fun universe for me to play with, and I made the conscious decision not to go by anybody else's rules (I.E. it's an entirely original system and universe, lol) and that was obscenely freeing because oh my god I got to make up my own magical rules!!!. One More Month's dialogue is fantastic, fuck everyone, and I feel as though the variety of supernatural legends really works. And also Koki ok.

My best story this year: Skyship or On how not to set up your coworkers. Skyship was an entirely new venue for me, I generally don't like steampunk much and it's so heavily alternate history... And I haven't written anything like On how not to set up your coworkers since, lol, last year's RBB, so it was good to see that people liked it. :3

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Sports Fan(atic), (Oh girl you're) beautiful; the first because, lol, it's Hina/Kame WHAT IS THERE NOT TO ENJOY ABOUT THIS, and the second because come on I just wrote filthy Yukan Trio crossdressing porn what else do I have to do to set off boners here and. Yeah. lol. Funny that both of them are Eito/KAT-TUN...

Most fun story: Duty up, asshole and Extended Recess Visits Hillbilly Hell; the first because v6/tokio alien killing and badassery originally based on starship troopers, how is this not awesome, and it was so much fun to write dear lord and the second because extended recess is one of the best things ever and it was so fun to write maru into it :3

Most sexy story: Tangled Up, End to end. The first because I don't think I've ever published so much dommy shit before and kame/tegoshi gives me a huge hardon and stuff and stuff. and the second because brosex ok >_>

Story with single sexiest moment: End to end and Into the wastes. You can guess. :D

Story with single sweetest moment: Eggs, over easy, Wind through trees; the first because awwww awwwww suda/yamada is the cutest and the second because of when koichi gets old and he and tsuyoshi talk to each other and--yeah. ;A;

Most unintentionally telling story: uuuum Into the Wastes because lol kinks everywhere and Trapped because jealousy/ust boner!!!!!! ALSO VALHALLA VERSE LOL because i mean. come on. lol

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Probably Time Stops because I killed Yoko's family ughhh I am a terrible person no one love me

Most disappointing story: Off Script because I think the interaction is a+ and the actual concept is great but my execution is bleghhhhh

Hardest story to write: Through The Window hardest 1500 words I've ever written omg I sat there like HOW DO I WORDS for hours D:<

Easiest story to write: there were a couple that were way-easy to write... but most specifically Heist and Go and Ken's excellent adventure in trolling; the first because once the concept came to me I went off and wrote that shit, and the second because liv is perfect, lol

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: UM IDK MANPAIN, BONERS, DYSTOPIAS AND MAGIC probably Slow Circle though it only gets 3/4 lol


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