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2012-08-18 02:36 am

Time stamp meme!

I already posted this on tumblr, but I think I'm more likely to get responses here, so!

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I’ll write you however many words of what happened then, whether it’s five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Fic is here (with a couple of others under the pseud miltennious)
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2012-05-29 03:46 am

(no subject)

can i get avengers prompts?? pairing, one word or phrase.

no loki pairings is my only restriction. :)
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2012-02-14 02:13 pm

[meme] happy valentine's day!!

blah blah commercial holiday excuse for spending money i don't give a fuck i like telling everyone i love them and today is a special I LOVE YOU GUYS~~~ okay

um anyway valentine's day fic meme!!!
leave me a pairing or person and a number
i will write fic of that many sentences

don't go crazy
i reserve the right to write more than what you ask for
please don't ask for any of the usual (koichi/tsuyoshi, ohmiya, sakuraiba, yokohina, yasuba, ohyass, pin, ryoda and anything involving uchi or sho); other than that everything is open season, all fandoms and people etc
i'm in the middle of a block since i started my meds and i want to try and overcome it, but i can't if i'm fighting out words about ships i'm not all over okay i love you all

master list of fills:
yoko/aiba, 7
team sunshine, 19
tegokamepi, 9
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2011-01-19 08:41 am

[je, jin-centric kat-tun gen] thunder-fire

Title: Thunder-fire
Characters, Pairings: (this part) KAT-TUN, primarily Jin / Jin+Kame-ish?
Rating: PG-13 for Jin’s mouth
Warnings: Weirdness, AU (RESCUE/CHANGE UR WORLD)
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Akanishi Jin, super-powered former super-soldier, and the surprises of returns. Part 1 of 2.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] rinhriveiel for the beta, as always. Written for [ profile] katmillia. I meant to have this in for yuletide but it… didn’t come to me, probably in large part because I'd decided to play it kind of Jin/Kame-ish. Ah well. ILU KATY. The ~superpowers~ are based off of Change Ur World, except of course for Jin.

'I’ll quit drinking,' Jin offered, and the three of them laughed away two and a half months. )
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2011-01-03 01:29 am
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[gift for melonpunch!, yamada+suda] eggs

I have absolutely no excuse for this. :D?

Title: Eggs, over easy
Pairing/Characters: Yamada Ryousuke + Suda Masaki (Top Coat inc) / Yamada, Suda, appearances from Yuma, Chinen, and Mabo
Rating: PG :3
Word count: 531
Warning: Alternate Universe
Summary: Suda Masaki stops by the Love Love Manhattan every afternoon.
Notes: For [ profile] melonpunch. I couldn't figure out a way to get her favorites Suda and Yamada to meet in RL so I went the AU route. Yeah. :U

nyc in waist coats is kind of making me *____*. I'm almost ashamed! )
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2010-12-23 01:15 am
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end of the year fic memes!

teal dear about fic and word counts. lots of them. )

Every now and then I find myself stalling out on fic I've been working on on-and-off. It doesn't happen with every fic--in fact it doesn't happen with most fic. But when that happens I like to post snippets, which usually serves to energize me (and reassures me that I am in fact working on things). So yeah, seven fic snippets under the cut.

Uh, some of these are gift-fic, so if I'm writing you something and you don't want to see it ahead of time, you should... scroll past. ♥

my kind of semi-annual let's post stuff from WIPs post )
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2010-12-21 08:00 am
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[subaru/nino] desire (part 1)

title: desire (part 1)
characters: Shibutani Subaru, Ninomiya Kazunari, Yasuda Shota, Matsumoto Jun, Nishikido Ryo, Aiba Masaki, Yokoyama You, mentions of various other members of the Jimusho
pairing: Subaru/Nino, Nino/Matsujun, Yasu/Subaru
word count: ~3300
rating: r, for sexual themes
warnings: angst, sex, depression
summary: ‘Trace our shadows, melting together, with your fingertips.’ Nino and Subaru crash and (maybe) burn.
note: references translations of Subaru and Nino’s various solos (Desire, Navy Blue Tears, Greedy, Niji, Gimmick Game, 1994*4##111 and Kako). More information and proper credit to the lovely ladies responsible available at the notes page for this fic here.

'you have to make your own happiness' )
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2010-11-27 07:43 pm

[daimao and ot4 ficdump] for eijispants!

All of my comment-box!fic for Ginnie in one entry! :D These are unbeta'd atm--I literally c&p'd these. There are probably spelling errors or grammar issues everywhere, I apologize. I'll go back and check them later, I promise. The longest of these is probably 300 words, tops.

daimao, kisses, pg )

keisuke/tomo, daimao, daisuke i am disappoint, pg13 )

makki, daisuke, daimao implied, tapes, pg )

takki/seto/tomo, daimao, teacher teacher )

daimao, voice practice, pg13 )

daimao, beaches, pg )

daimao, yamada, denim, pg )

daimao, bed scenes, r )
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2010-11-27 12:54 pm


So [ profile] katmillia came up with this idea:

There are those memes that go around before Christmas, where you write down 10 things you want and post it on LJ, and if anyone can fulfill it, then they do, and if you can do something on theirs, then you do that. Well, I think we should do that- only with fic! So anyone who wants to do this, post the things you most want to see fic of- anything! Can be specific, can be just pairings, whatever, and if you see something on someone else's that you can do, then you should do it! :D

I think it's an awesome idea so. December is going to filled with so much fic-writing lD;; Mine are mostly about the pairings! I offer suggestions because that's what I would look for, but I know that's constricting to other people. Ignore as much as you like?

Things Kate Would Die to Get For the Holidays This Year

1. Yoko/Aiba (or Aiba/Yoko, doesn't bother me!) - they're my favorites! anything is okay! food shenanigans or video gaming or boobs or debut-related angst or arguing or dumb or or or anything.

2. Video game shenanigans - I was talking to Liv about Leader playing WoW but Chinen mentioned TaNaka ganging up on him and I know Junno mentioned Nikki playing on the same game as him once and just. I'm writing Leader playing WoW right now but uh Junno/Nino/Shige/Yoko FFXI farming sessions? Chinen leveling up on the side to beat up TaNaka?

3. Ohno/Maachin - Kyo to Kyo era or not! Actually I would kill for the two of them celebrating their anniversary together, ngl.

4. Nagase/Koichi - with side Tsuyoshi/Okada or not. XD Just... no KinKi Kids as a pairing. Please. That's all I ask.

5. KAT-TUN, circa 2004 - I'm writing about Junno after the accident right now and it's angsty and sadness and I need more D: Koki is making this asshole face all through Junno's letter to KAT-TUN during the SC episode where they read it and omg please. PLEASE. It doesn't have to be Junno-centric but. Y'know. Biases and all that.

6. TNT porn - or. You know. TKU porn when Kameda get annoyed Junno is spending too much time with TaNaka.

7. Nakamaru/Jin - of the not explosively angsty kind! Pre- or post- Jin's departure, phonesex while Jin's in LA, anything. ;______;

8. Nakai/Joshima - ;__________________; please?

9. Yasu/Ryo - I. I have no excuse. I just want Yasu topping the hell out of Ryo and Ryo liking it. Because hot.

10. Ohno/Maruyama/Ninomiya - because I can only take Ohmiya when they're being interrupted by Maru. Ohno jealousy sparked by Nino feeding Maru on set? Maru not even realizing he's doing it? ♥ ♥

I'm not a fan of non-con or the usual grossness, but I have a thing for crossdressing. You know, if that appeals to anybody. Um I like angst with hopeful endings or dumbassery to the nth degree and making fun of people and naked-ness and occasional ventures into het sex.
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2010-11-23 11:44 pm

[unfinished fic] Junno/Ryo;

This fic was one of my drafts for [ profile] jerainbowbridge that never made it completion. I told [ profile] rockthecliche I'd post some Junno/Ryo, though, so. This is about 1600 words, incomplete in all forms of the words, and I'm not totally happy with it. Crit is welcome! I don't know how I feel about this Ryo. Also includes Akanishi+Nakamaru and vague Junno+People. PG-13. :)

the kokipi was worse. )
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2010-10-21 09:57 pm

[je, k8&kat-tun] From Sunday to Sunday

Reveals have gone up at [ profile] jerainbowbridge, so!

Title: From Sunday to Sunday
Pairings/Groups: KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 (gen)
Rating: G
Warnings: Ariehen Sekai is filmed on Fridays, or so says my googling, but I couldn't find info about Kanjani8 Map or Janiben.
Summary: Nakamaru’s car breaks down, Yoko and Maru offer to molest people, Taguchi is evil incarnate, and Akanishi invades Recomen (or: Nakamaru carpools, and everything snowballs)
Notes: '4649' is slang for 'yo-ro-shi-ku', and Nakamaru mentions his 'personal' and 'work' cell phones a couple of times. Due to the fact that SMS is super-cheap everything else is really expensive (or so says my ~research~), it makes total sense to have phones on various providers. Nakamaru is technically a kouhai to Yoko by two years and Yasu/Maru/Ohkura by one. Timewise this fic is set in the early part of 2010.

weeeek, Nakamaru style )
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2010-05-18 07:49 pm

[my girl fic] Across oceans

title: Across oceans
fandom: My Girl (j-drama)
characters: Kazama Masamune, Kazama Koharu
rating: a healthy g :D
summary: Koharu and Masamune talk their way through winter, in pictures and words and laughter. Set during the New York gap~
notes: yeah, yeah, like a billion years late on watching this one. whatever.

masamune, you're going to get slapped with a misdemeanor for stalking at this rate. )
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2010-05-01 06:21 am

derp derp, sentai fic : >

This entry is basically me throwing up every sentai drabble I have lying around, and was in fact entirely motivated by [ profile] gekidasa and I talking about there not being enough fic in toku and how we needed more fic about the gay that is Gunpei/Hanto :D

...I like really long and/or lame titles, so be warned! :D;;

title: Sit down, you're rocking the RV
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: r~hazy nc-17?
characters/pairings: Gunpei/Hanto
summary: Gunpei is awfully concerned with appearances after spending all of that time fantasizing about Hanto in a dress.
notes: This is post-series, so everybody's packed on the Ginjiro :D;;
notes: I hereby dedicate this to [ profile] gekidasa, whether she wants it or not :D;;

I for one think Ren is a trooper. )

title: In which Umeko is a weapon of murder
series: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
rating: pg
characters/pairings: Sen-chan/Umeko
summary: Almost is too close.
notes: probably post-series but it doesn't really matter~

well that can't be comfortable )

title: Houka has no danger radar, really
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger / Mahou Sentai Magiranger
rating: g, unless Miu being her usual self bumps it up somehow?
characters/pairings: Houka Hiroto, Miu, Tsubasa, Makito, mention of Kai but I don't think I ever let him speak :D;;
summary: Houka had better be very very thankful Miu doesn't actually know magic.
notes: Post-series for both, no spoilers, but technically it's AU?

Hide, inspiring mildly inappropriate stirrings of 'ANIKI!' since 2006 )

title: Sousuke, he's going to make you change the diapers
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: A happy C! For Christmas! ...I mean, G. :D
characters/pairings: Aaaall the Go-ongers, but no pairings :D
summary: Hiroto gets stuck with all the shitty jobs. Literally, in some cases.
notes: set any time post-episdode 41 (the alien baby episode)

would it be merry christmas or ho ho ho? )

title: All kinds of silly scrapes
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: PG~? Maybe G.
pairings/characters: Just the original trio!
summary: Sousuke is a squirmer, Ren has learned.
notes: set post-series. also, I HATE SPEECH PATTERNS. Originally Buson was in this but then I cut him out because I'm terrible at writing the Engines.

Saki is like every kind of awesome )

title: Second shift
series: Engine Sentai Go-onger
rating: G, maybe PG?
characters/pairings: mostly Ren and Hiroto, but Buson gets a pair of lines.
summary: Somebody has to bring in enough money for eggs, right?
notes: Because the invisible chicken problem bothers me :V uhhh I kind of ship Hiroto/Ren (blame stuff like this :D;;) so this seemed a little bit shippy to me, but ymmv~ post-series, I have a whole little universe being born at this rate >/
notes 2: I'm kinda worried about this one, because it might be misconstrued as some sort of Ren is a ~weak uke type~ thing that is a) totally not true and b) totally not what I'm going for. This is kinda cut from something I've abandoned but didn't want to let go to waste because I like the scene.
notes 3: things like this make me want to write about color dynamics but I think I'm going to make a Shirogane post instead :D

why yes Ren is my favorite how did you know? )

title: Of missing le tour Eiffel and red-bowed white cats dressed in shiny golden jackets
series: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger / Kamen Rider Kabuto / GARO
characters/pairings: Takeru, Genta, Chiaki, Mitsuki Kaoru, and mentions of Tendou Souji, DaiGoyou, Jii, and Mako. maybe kind of Takeru/Genta but only because Chiaki kinda ships it.
rating: PG, for CRIMINAL ACTS.
summary: Poor, poor Takeru.

poor, poor takeru )

I have some more Deka to post (Doggy/Swan ftw), some Magi (Hikaru/Urara, maybe something about Tsubasa?) some Aba (Yukito and Mai), and a bunch of crap about Gaoranger >3 and maybe some pre-series W :U (and maybe I'll actually make good on that Shinji stuff I meant to put together coherently! ...maybe!)
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2010-03-09 12:36 pm

journal spam journal spam

Ooooh, RPS. 's been a while since I wrote any of that, right? XD

Title: The Landick Power of Rock is no match for 'GRACIAS!'
Author: kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
Rating: PG-13 for implications of sex
Warnings: Daisuke is a Grumpy Old Man, Yun is Evil, Ryu/Mirai is Daisuke's OTP besides DaiMao, and the Tensouder is used for nefarious purposes. Also, sorry for making fun of you, KenKen! XD
Characters/Pairings: Hamao Kyosuke, Watanabe Daisuke, Aniki, Roku, Ono Kento, Some Nameless Chick / DaiMao and apparently the cast of Goseiger/Mao?
Summary: Poor Ono. Watanabe Daisuke's imagination runs wild, Roku still hates Daisuke, and Aniki is surrounded by people who do not understand the plight that is his life. Or something.
Notes: Your birthday fic got tossed in favor of this, Ginnie :/ It was like a fungus. Kind of like Daisuke's stupid hairstyles? It ate everything else I tried to write! XD;; The Aniki parts are for you, though ♥ ALSO IT IS REALLY WEIRD TO RPS!SHIP PEOPLE YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE, EVEN JUST FOR LULZ. Am I breaking a friend code by writing you into this, Ginnie? XDDDDDD

'...Daisuke, you are not getting jealous of /Ono Kento/, are you?' )

That was dumb! :D But it was fun, so whatever~
Jesus Christ the cat is a character now D: between that and the Aniki/Ginnie I am reaching new levels of LOSER.
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2009-11-13 02:47 am
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Why, what's this, /Rookies fic/?!

Title: Sometimes I think Odysseus had the right idea
Author: Kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
Pairing/Characters: Shinjo, Sekikawa, Aniya, Rookies ensemble / hinted Shinjo/Sekikawa and Aniya/Girl of the Week
Rating: R for language
Summary: Shinjo, before and after.
Note: For my baby doll [ profile] merchendiver as a super-duper late (or early, at this point XD) birthday present. Yeah, this is that fic.>_>

he can't say hope )
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2009-10-12 06:06 pm

bladefic, part 1 of ?

So uh yeah. >_> I have this mental image of Kenzaki hanging up on people about five-ten years post-Blade, so I'm, uh, writing about it. :D?

Title: seventeen years and not a single ringringring [part 1]
Author: Kate (aka [ profile] greatfountain)
Rating: G, for this round
Fandom: Post-Kamen Rider Blade
Characters/Pairings: Hajime, Kenzaki, Amane (for this part) / no pairings (at the moment)
Notes: If Hajime feels weird, speak unto me. I don't think he and Kenzaki are that slashy in here but I guess if it floats your boat it could be :/

kurihara amane has good luck with picking up the phone and terrible luck with math problems )
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2009-05-03 07:06 pm

[dynasty warriors 4/5] And so passed the sixtieth day

Title: And so passes the sixtieth day.
Author: Kate [ profile] greatfountain
Pairing/Characters: Full-cast Shu and Wu; implied Taishi Ci / Sun Ce / Da Qiao
Rating: R-NC-17 for violence
Summary: In which there is trouble, and forgiveness.
Author's notes: From a DW4-5 fusion universe. Because I love Ling Tong and the other characters they added~ :D

life kind of sucks for ling tong of wu )
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2009-04-21 02:35 pm

(no subject)

title: Tense.
author: Kate [[ profile] greatfountain]
rating: r, for concepts
pairing: Watanabe Daisuke / Hamao Kyousuke, Kato Keisuke / Yanagashita Tomo / Takiguchi Yukihiro [/ Seto Koji]
summary: In which Furukawa Yuuta is the best relationship counselor ever, Hamao Kyousuke takes the damn initiative, Takiguchi Yukihiro is some kind of super-spy, and all in all everyone is dumb. ♥
notes: I wanted to write get togethers? *shrug* and dumb. Oh, boys. <3


click me~ )
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2008-10-22 04:35 pm
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AU100 table

My table for the AU100~~
Several are written already, and I hope to get them posted after pr0ntober.
AUs include: Brothel!AU, Girl!Futago, No Kawato!Futago, Supernatural Sight!Shinjo (+Mikoshiba & Enatsu, with Sekikawa, Enatsu, and Aniya filling in the cast XD), Nobility!Futago, Captain Planet!Kawato + Futago (:DDDD), Ocean's Eleven!Futago (with Enatsu as Aniya's ex-boyfriend and lots of Aniya/Mikoshiba fighting >3), Samurai/Ninja!Futago, Cafe Workers!Futago, and novelist!Shinjo + editor!Mikoshiba, and photographer!Mikoshiba and Aniya ((with, of course, model!Shinjo)). Any silly ideas, go ahead and mention it~

:]click here~ )

I'm not even going to touch this thing until November, so don't expect anything too soon, but I hope to finish much of it very soon. Look forward to it! :]
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2008-10-14 02:56 pm
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[ROOKIES] [Story Notes] [Information] Sure Bet Notes + ROOKIES Character Profiles

As I was writing Sure Bet, I realized that much of it wasn't going to click into place for my readers, because the continuity it has come to be a part of is currently unfinished and unpublished anywhere, so I thought I'd include some of the notes and passages that were not including in the final version of this piece:

Click here for story notes and excerpts~ )

Besides that, I've realized that not everyone has the resources I do when it comes to character information. On the lj comm
[ profile] morita_babies , some kind user posted up the character profiles of the manga versions of the characters. I thought I'd include it here for everyone else to see. It's important to note that these are not my translations. However, I have done two things: ordered the characters by number / position, added their heights and weights in the American system, and finally added their heights for the drama version, as found in the Rookies Perfect Book. So now no one can say that I'm pulling stuff out of my ass when I mention Sekikawa's two sisters and Imaoka's older brother :D

None of these siblings have been mention in canon; I have, however, named several as a necessity, and those names are included at the end. If anyone wants to steal them, they're welcome to. =]

Click here for character info! :D )