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Feb. 11th, 2013 04:50 pm
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it hurt to type that

no i'm not really here you're seeing things

things are business as usual around here, i'm kind of hiatusing from the entire internet for Reasons but i'm trying to be around at least on twitter a little more.

contrary to apparent popular belief over at that tvnihon hateblog I help run i don't get particularly upset about tvn's releases, i mean i have other options in most cases now and i've been dealing with this for nearly five years (it'll be five in march, if i remember which episode of kiva i saw first correctly) so it's not like 'tv-nihon can't translate for shit' is news l m a o

i just wish the weaboos would find something new to do, i mean they're not even entertaining at this point, they're just irritating! bring me new material gdi.

that said, 'henshin' is still non-negotiably weaboo and i can't escape it in any tvnihon rider release ever because it's tradition and it's BULLSHIIIIIT UUUUUUUUUUUUGH this is my dealbreaker, apparently, this is what i get pissed about, you can leave fucking KITAAAA or ORE SANJOU in the subs and i'll roll my eyes, but god help you if you leave henshin.

also i stg but like if you've ever thought that a pro translator should have to be involved in fansubbing if she hates what's going on in a fandom's sub arena so much then you're an idiot and i hate you i mean what the fuck

if you're getting paid for something, why should you have to do it for free just because you can i don't

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