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This year, I published 31,025 words; (minus yuletide, obviously) in 7 fandoms.
I have about ~28,660 words in WIPs in 12 fandoms.
Total: 59,685 words

Johnny's: ~20,000 in fic; ~750 in drabbles; 15,000 in WIPs
Other RPF: 725 in fic; 670 in drabbles
J-Drama: 1200 in fic; 2500 in drabbles; ~4500 in WIPs
Sentai: 1000 in fic; 1200 in drabbles; 3260 in WIPs
Kamen Rider: 1400 in WIPs
Musou: 550 in drabbles
Mass Effect 1 and 2: 700 in fic; 4500 in WIPs

10 - Seven Rookies Drabbles
~2300 words
9 - The Landick Power of Rock is no match for 'GRACIAS!' (Watanabe/Hamao)
800 words
1 - 6 Super Sentai Drabbles and 1 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger fic
4 - Hiroto/Ren and Genta/Kegareshia Snippets
18 - Across Oceans (My Girl)
4480 words
18 - Washout (Hurricane Nagase is passing through Arashi-land) (Nagase/Aiba/Nino)
18 - Promise (Nakamaru/Jin, KAT-TUN gen)
4900 words
16 - Quiet rowdy places (Aiba/Yoko)
29 - Keep calm and don't cry (Yoko/Aiba)
600 words
20 - From Sunday to Sunday for [ profile] jerainbowbridge (Nakamaru-centric Kanjani8-KAT-TUN gen)
26 - Put it back together for [ profile] all4cyanide in the summer smut meme (Sho/Nino)
26 - JE drabbles (Joshima+Nakai, Nagase/KAT-TUN, Nagase/NEWS)
6250 words
4 - Leaks (Yoko/Aiba)
6 - Occasional dinner plans 1 for [ profile] chelshock (Nagase/Matsumoto)
8 - Occasional dinner plans 2 for [ profile] chelshock (Nagase/Matsumoto)
18 - That's how babies work? for [ profile] chelshock (Nagase/Matsumoto)
23 - unfinished Junno/Ryo draft (Ryo/Junno)
7265 words
21 - desire (part 1) (Subaru/Nino, Yasu/Subaru, Nino/Matsujun)
23 - Apocalypse now (never sounded so sexy) (Nagase/Taichi)
5100 words

My favorite story this year (of my own):
Promise, I think. Promise was my first real attempt at writing all of KAT-TUN (specifically, I had never really written Ueda or Koki properly before, even in practice) and I really enjoyed trying to get into their relationships with Jin.

My best story this year:
desire or From Sunday to Sunday are both really really important to me, and I'm just so happy with them both, negl. Yeah, they're similar in structure, but I really think that Sunday is funny from end to end, and that was important since I had never written end-to-end humor fic before. desire is a fic I've wanted to write for a long, long time, and it was only recently that I found out other people would maybe like to read them too and that my views on them being angst-central and complicated and shit wasn't just something I pulled out of my ass.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
desire ._____. I get that SubaNino is a rarepair but. Idek, I just want everyone to ship it. ): they're not fluffy fun-times and they have their messes and they don't fit perfectly but then it does click and they smile at each other and they're happy and they know how they feel and they're just. God. They're just. They're special to me, and I want to have the second part of this fic out the door this week so I can stop being so depressed about it all the time :D;;

Most fun story:
WASHOUT omg. Nagase is the best to write basically ever, next to maybe Jin. I cannot even. Nagase/Nino is a special pairing in my heart (next to NagaJun, obviously) and I actually really liked the porn and Aiba was fun and. Yeah. From Sunday to Sunday was a veeeeeeeery close second because. Come on guys. Yokomaru terrorizing Maru and Jin's sparkly text messages and McDonald's antics. Okay?

Most sexy story:
lol Put it back together, because the importance of that universe isn't the sex (though, y'know, it helps) but the tension between them, and I really liked the way the scene on the beach worked. Idek. I like dudes in bathing suits on the beaching trying to ignore the boners I guess.

Story with single sexiest moment: /cough the Joshima+Nakai drabble um the thing about this fic for me is that it's a lot of subtext, subtext, subtext, and the mental image of Leader playing his guitar with his hair in his eyes and he just looks up at Nakai and keeps singing and. Yeah. I'm weird ):

Story with single sweetest moment: lol That's how babies work?. JUN BOUGHT NAGASE A PUPPY. EVEN THOUGH IT'S GOING TO RUIN HIS FLOORS. COME ON.

Most unintentionally telling story: I can't say this was unintentional: I won't even bother lying, a lot of the feelings in desire are drawn from personal experience. I was told it's painful in the way that getting your wisdom teeth removed is. Welcome to my life. Er, what was my life. I'm better now. :D?

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Oh shit I have to post that, but the Nagase/Taichi zombie!fic, probably! :D?

Most disappointing story: …probably Keep calm and don't cry. The imagery didn't work as well as I'd hoped for.

Hardest story to write: desire. You have no idea how much I edited that beast. :D And cried. :D

Easiest story to write: once it got started, From Sunday to Sunday. I wrote about eight drafts for RBB in a variety of pairings and situations and found that none of them were working for me. Once I began Sunday, though, it started to run away from me. I spent a lot of time picking at it (it was my first exchange fic, ever) but actually getting the draft out was fairly painless.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Hmmm. Promises, friendships, and loving, even when it's hard. Promise is probably the best example of all three, but Across oceans comes close.

Every now and then I find myself stalling out on fic I've been working on on-and-off. It doesn't happen with every fic--in fact it doesn't happen with most fic. But when that happens I like to post snippets, which usually serves to energize me (and reassures me that I am in fact working on things). So yeah, seven fic snippets under the cut.

Uh, some of these are gift-fic, so if I'm writing you something and you don't want to see it ahead of time, you should... scroll past. ♥

Here and back again, past tense (Mabo/Toma Secret Agent AU)

Matsuoka reached out and clapped his hand over Sho's mouth. "Sho, please," he said.

"Ah, yes," said Sho, laughing nervously, "um… did you do anything fun on assignment?" He smiled earnestly.

Matsuoka cracked a smile. "Banged a few chicks, got kinda wasted," he answered, "y'know, the usual. Had to beat up Nagase this time though. For appearances."

"Is that why he came in with two black eyes and a split lip?" asked Sho, wide-eyed.

Matsuoka's grin widened; Sho nodded slowly.

Here and back again, present tense (Aiba/Yoko, Mabo/Toma Secret Agent AU)

"What is that thing, anyway?" he asks, pretty sure he doesn't want to know the answer.

"Huh? Oh, just a whoopee cushion filled with green jello," answers Aiba airily, "I need to know how much stress it can take before the seams pop!"

Yoko blinks. "…Don't you have anything else to do?" he asks, staring balefully at the sack that might have been the ruiner of (yet another) pair of pants.

"Nothing," answers Aiba pleasantly, "Hina-chan decided he'd let me renovate my lab but he didn't let me buy a new laptop!" The last is directed rather loudly at Murakami, who scowls.

Who you gonna call? (Not Nagase!) (Nagase/Leader Ghostbusters AU for [ profile] basil_ovelby)

Joshima rubbed at the bridge of his nose. "I quit being a Ghostbuster, remember?" he pointed out, "I don't even have a Proton Pack any more."

"That's okay, you can use mine!" Nagase's voice was very, very cheerful.

Joshima sighed. "All right. Fine. Get over here."



"I can't drive right now. Ghost keeps trying to make me go to McDonald's."

Joshima resisted the urge to even ask, and began rooting through his bag for his train pass.

Extended Recess Visits South of the Border and Extended Recess Visit True Hillbilly Hell (Jin, Kame, Shirota, Yamapi, guest spot from Maruyama/JJP in [ profile] katmillia's Extended Recess 'verse, for [ profile] katmillia)

Jin: [crosses his legs, nearly falls into the toilet bowl] Shit—I mean! Hola, motherfuckers, from South of the Border! Obviously, you know who I am: Jin Akanishi, lead singer of Extended Recess, but on the off-chance you stumbled here from that poser Jimmy Mackey’s related videos or something, WE CAME FIRST!

Yamapi offers him his bottle of tequila (helpfully labeled ‘Jin’s Tequila, Bitches, Hands Off’).

Currently Untitled Yukan Trio Crossdressing Pornfest (lol Jin/Junno/Yoko for [ profile] rockthecliche)

Jin couldn’t kick his pants off fast enough; he tossed them into the slowly expanding pile of laundry spilling from his closet and tugged his shirt up over his head. Which of course meant that it got caught, and Junno had to reach up, laughing, to tug it free.

“Don’t,” Jin said, tone warning.

“Keep talking and I’ll show you what you won’t be doing,” Yoko growled suddenly, whirling and scowling down at Jin.

Jin laughed, brushing the back of his hand over the smeared right corner of Yoko’s lips. “Pretty,” he commented, and grunted when Yoko shoved him backward onto the bed.

“I’ll show you pretty,” Yoko hissed, stalking across the space and sinking onto the bed, one knee between Jin’s thighs. He straddled Jin’s hips, dress floating over his thighs, and lifted a hand.

NTT in a Recording Booth Porn (Nakamaru/Koki/Junno)

Junno was still fiddling with the microphones, imitating the other KAT-TUN members in exaggerated tones, and humming the words to GIRLS, when Koki's hand found its way over Nakamaru's hip. Nakamaru craned his neck to glare ineffectually at Koki, but Koki shrugged and grabbed at his cock anyway.

"Fuck fuck fuck," managed Nakamaru eloquently.

"Koki-kun, is that your first handjob? You'd think you'd have experience!" Taguchi grinned at them from the doorway. When had he even gotten there?

Nakamaru and Koki froze.

"Why'd you stop? Poor Nakamaru-kun."


I wonder wonder wonder (aren't I cool?) (Jin/Yoko with a side of Yamapi/Kame and Yasu/Ryo)

"Yoko, hurry the fuck up," Ryo barked, "I'm gonna leave without you!"

"Just go," Yoko called from Ryo's bathroom.

"Oh would you cut this shit out? It's Yamapi. He still thinks you have to say 'open sesame' when you put in the password on your computer to get it to log you in. Don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't talk to you, if you start hyperventilating again it'll be bad for your image."

I think I had decided I was going to work on Nino/Yoko roommate!fic tonight, but I kinda want to finish this Pin fic and get to work plowing through the next section of Maruyama Ryuhei Cockblocks Jimusho OTPs, so. :l (Yes I write ridiculous fic at 3AM, fuck you.)
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